On behalf of ATMI/Levtech, I want to congratulate MultiSource for the excellent first half of 2010. Your results of zero SCARs and 100 percent delivery on 694 shipments is truly outstanding. You certainly are one of our top suppliers.

Ross Dunbar – Global Supply Manager, ATMI Packaging

MultiSource was able to step in when another supplier slipped, and was able to respond immediately and positively to take on seven additional complex part numbers for a very important large program. Their fast response, and ability to share the work among multiple operating divisions to meet our program requirements was very fortunate for us.

Material Program Manager – Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense Company

MultiSource has been a valuable asset for our production floor. Quick turn cost effective modifications and improvements for our SMT fixtures and equipment have really improved our throughput.

Brett Crawford – Manufacturing Technician, LogicPd

In the short time I’ve been here, MultiSource has been nothing short of stellar in defusing the short lead time landmines I pitch at them. If I kept a percentage, it’d probably be close to 100% but keep in mind, I’m talking about unreasonably short lead times. The more normal lead times are a given. Never a problem with them.

Buyer – Testing and Sensing Solutions Company