Project & Program Management

A critical part of the MultiSource Manufacturing LLC process is the management involved in the development of a program. Without highly-optimized management systems, overall success for complex part design, fabrication, assembly, and integration wouldn’t be possible. MultiSource has over 40 years of experience across our multiple locations in Minnesota and Colorado in project & program management. Because of our expertise in project & program management, we’re able to provide quality contract manufacturing to a diverse range of industries.

The MultiSource network utilizes combined experience and resources to meet the needs of our customers. Our comprehensive manufacturing services rely on the ability of each piece of our facilities to work as a cohesive unit. For the MultiSource network to function at the extreme efficiency level it does today, our management teams continue to support the system of manufacturing with expert project & program management.

MultiSource Programs & Projects

MultiSource Manufacturing is built on establishing optimized programs that predict and direct each project involved in production. Our program management teams fill the role of supervisors from start to finish of production, taking on the following responsibilities:

  • Determining timeline and product specification goals
  • Initial planning for production methods and materials
  • Outlining projects that will serve to make up a cohesive program
  • Overseeing project development and planning
  • Monitoring stages of project completion
  • Ensuring quality inspections and quality assurance
  • Tracking costs and production times
  • Continued assessment of production performance, planning effectiveness, and overall results

The MultiSource network continues to serve multiple industries with multiple manufacturing capabilities in multiple locations. Our abilities in project & program management are key in supporting the needs of our customers and our partnerships with them.

For more information about how our project & program management works as a foundation for our contract manufacturing, please send an RFI/RFQ today.