Laser Marking & Welding

Our technical abilities range from precision machining to plastic fabrication, and in addition to the primary capabilities of the diverse MultiSource toolbox, we offer advanced laser marking & welding. The combined skills and facilities that make up the network of MultiSource Manufacturing LLC offer our customers a comprehensive resource for all aspects of the production process. Like all our other services, laser marking & welding fills a key role in completing optimized contract manufacturing.

The MultiSource network supports expertise and diverse capabilities at a caliber found in a large operation while maintaining the high quality, customer-focused service of a much smaller facility. A partnership with MultiSource allows you to take advantage of our advanced equipment along with the attention and dedication of our project and program management teams.

Our laser marking & welding services increase precision and quality in multiple production areas, including the manufacturing of complex parts for medical devices, electrical components, aerospace, and defense equipment, and semiconductors.

With MultiSource laser marking, a wide range of materials can be altered in non-contact, precision operations resulting in permanent cuts with greater resistance to scratching and wear. Our laser welding offers an unparalleled accuracy and virtually non-existent effect on the structural integrity of welded components. Laser welding also produces stronger bonds than traditional welding techniques, and it can be utilized on difficult, intricate parts effectively.

We rely on laser marking & welding to provide solutions to engineering roadblocks without compromising production quality and integrity. From serial numbering to assembly, our laser technology adds a significant advantage to our toolbox and overall operations abilities. For more information about our laser marking & welding capabilities with MultiSource contract manufacturing, contact us at please send an RFI/RFQ today.