Precision Part Finishing

In the comprehensive operations of custom contract manufacturing, the final stages of the production process are often taken for granted. However, these operations are critical for completing high-quality parts with long-lasting quality. As a network of multiple facilities, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive custom manufacturing, including finishing capabilities for virtually all materials.

From sheet metal to Teflon™ plastics, MultiSource has a rich experience working with a wide extent of materials. The range of our finishing capabilities for these materials allow us to fabricate longer-lasting, higher-quality specialized parts and assemblies.

A partnership with MultiSource means you’ll have the added benefits of our finishing capabilities and/or qualified supply chain for your project. Our network of facilities offers comprehensive advanced finishing equipment and skills to meet the requirements of parts production, including:


MultiSource has partnered with trusted plating providers for this service. Metal parts for the electronics industry, medical devices, semiconductors, and much more rely on the results that plating provides. Plating is critical for part surfaces that must be altered to change the properties of the material used in initial fabrication. This includes parts that demand modifications to electrical or thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, solderability, hardness, radiation protection, friction reduction, IR reflectivity, and cosmetics.


Advanced protective coatings are key in the production of many parts for the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, plastics, and even agricultural industries. Industrial paints and coatings serve to improve corrosion and wear resistance in parts used in harsh settings, and today these finishing substances are highly engineered, specialized materials. MultiSource has partnered with trusted service providers that offer precision painting for complex, small parts and industrial painting for oversize parts.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is a highly effective finishing technique for altering the properties of a metal. Heat treating provides methods of property manipulation that can change strength, hardness, durability, elasticity, ductility, and resistivity of a part. MultiSource has partnered with trusted service providers that offer a range of heat treating capabilities, including tempering, annealing, case hardening, normalizing, and quenching.

From prototyping to finishing, MultiSource handles each stage of your project with expertise, precision, and quality service. For more information about our comprehensive build to print contract manufacturing we provide to multiple industries,  please submit an RFI/RFQ today.