From design to fabrication to assembly, quality contract manufacturing with MultiSource Manufacturing LLC utilizes advanced software programs, computer technology, and state-of-the-art machines and tools. With the facilities that make up the MultiSource network, our customers have the benefits of highly capable equipment and comprehensive expertise for precision machining and product manufacturing.

Our design and engineering teams perform prototyping and production planning with CAD/CAM software and additive manufacturing/3D printing equipment, and our expert fabrication teams make use of the following machining equipment:


Our versatile CNC mills offer optimal precision and high-quality performance for machining stages during the fabrication process. In the MultiSource network, our precision milling capabilities give competitive advantages to our partnered customers. Advanced options on several of our mills feature thru spindle coolant, 40,000 rpm, a max 84 x 33 inches of travel, 4 & 5 axis machining, high speed milling, Renishaw probing, and more. Kept on a yearly preventative maintenance schedule, our mills sustain quality in vertical and horizontal milling.


Lathes in the MultiSource network include several 3, 4, and 5 axis live-tooled CNC lathes with Y-axis and true twin spindles. We utilize draw tube diameters of over 3 inches and max turning capacity of 16 inches with 50 hp spindles to meet customer needs in the fabrication process. Multiple part configurations and a range of part sizes in the production process are no problem with the 3 turrets and up to 40 live tools in the MultiSource network.


State-of-the-art CNC swiss machines in the MultiSource network offer machining abilities for diameters as small as .008” and as large as 1.250.” Live tooling access to all sides of a part allow our fabrication teams to complete those parts in single operations, increasing precision and efficiency while decreasing cost and lead time with overall production.

All of our equipment is kept on a strict yearly preventative maintenance schedule and undergoes regular inspection. For more information about our equipment utilized in MultiSource contract manufacturing send and RFI/RFQ today.