Plastic Fabrication

Among our specialties in engineering, production, and assembly, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC provides plastic fabrication as a contract manufacturer. Plastics are cost-effective, versatile materials that can work well in a wide range of industrial settings. MultiSource strives to be the go-to for plastic fabrication and high-quality contract manufacturing for all our customers.

With dedicated machining, routing, and fabrication capacity in our Burnsville, MN, location, MultiSource offers the industrial grade, advanced plastic fabrication of a large manufacturing corporation with the personal experience of a much smaller operation.

With MultiSource plastic fabrication services, we offer operations including bending, forming, welding, prototype additive manufacturing, and product testing.


While bending in plastic fabrication performs a simple change in form, the operation demands advanced knowledge of material properties. Maintaining fiber strength and structural integrity during bending operations requires predictive engineering and specialized equipment. With MultiSource, you can expect bending performance with expert team members and state-of-the-art facilities.


Forming in plastic fabrication can be performed with several types of operations. For each part design in question, an optimal forming operation can be applied to render a structural strength and long-lasting functionality.


A wide range of plastic parts require welding for a finished product. MultiSource plastic welding performance pushes products to a comprehensive, quality finish with versatile facilities, highly trained engineers, and advanced technology.

For all your plastic fabrication needs, MultiSource offers high-quality, complete operational capabilities. Our network of skilled team members and well-outfitted facilities work to play their part in supporting our customers’ own operations. For more information about plastic fabrication with MultiSource contract manufacturing, please send an RFI/RFQ today.