Electrical & Mechanical Assembly

In addition to supplying our customers with precision machined components, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC partners with companies worldwide to offer electrical and mechanical assembly services. As a contract manufacturer, our role to provide our partners with order fulfillment using high-quality manufacturing systems and fully-outfitted facilities is made possible through the MultiSource network. With the combined skills and equipment of our multiple locations, MultiSource offers OEM equipment, kitting, and subassembly build services.

Partnering with MultiSource as a value-add assembly partner offers your company an opportunity to lower the cost of manufacturing your product without sacrificing quality. We offer the capabilities of the MultiSource network, including our state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced engineers and technicians.

Because we operate in multiple facilities, we have access to the multiple resources and skills of our full network. This means that our electrical and mechanical assembly and engineering capabilities are comprehensively characteristic of a large operation. At the same time, we offer the attention and service a small company could provide.

As a contract manufacturing partner for OEM equipment components, we strive to continually expand our expertise in electrical and mechanical assembly operations. To exceed expectations in fabrication and assembly, MultiSource emphasizes full collaboration with our industry partners.

Professional manufacturing and industrial engineering doesn’t have to be an unattainable goal for small companies or those without their own facilities. Outsourcing to MultiSource for valued-added content can save your company time, money, and production headaches without compromising quality.

For more information about our services in electrical and mechanical assembly or to learn about our additional services in contract manufacturing, please send an RFI/RFQ today.