CNC Prototyping  & Prototype to Production Services

Like many other aspects of the industrial world, manufacturing has a beginning, middle, and end. Whether that manufacturing process involves a single component, assembly, or a complete OEM product, each process demands the same attention of engineering and production. At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC we emphasize the importance of each stage of bringing a project from prototype to production when it comes to high-quality, customer-focused manufacturing.

As a fully-equipped precision machining, build to print contract manufacturing company within five locations, MultiSource offers comprehensive skillsets for all services needed in the development and production stages.


The development process starts with our Engineers. Our Engineering teams are experienced in creating an infallible foundation for a quality product following our standards for prototype fabrication and the exact specifications of the customer. Using advanced CAD/CAM software and programming abilities, our Engineers can rapidly produce a highly accurate virtual image of a prototype part from geometric specs to simulation of function.

CNC Prototyping

When a full design file has been provided by the customer, fabricating a physical prototype leads the way into final production. MultiSource offers dedicated machining capacity for rapid prototyping as well as comprehensive additive manufacturing abilities. This dedicated rapid prototyping machining focuses on finalizing our customers’ product design and establishing a robust manufacturing process.


The complete supply system that MultiSource offers customers would not be achieved without the manufacturing finish of a high-quality production process. Following the prototype approved by customer and engineering team alike, our manufacturing teams begin production of an order. Each day, we work to meet industry standards while maintaining an emphasis on lean concepts including Just-In-Time (JIT) and Kanban fulfillment systems.

From our dedicated prototype production and 3D printing specialized location in Minnetonka, MN, to our four other locations across Minnesota and Colorado, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is equipped to provide prototype development, production expertise, and to deliver cost-efficient supply chain solutions.

From expert prototype creation to manufacturing solutions, MultiSource offers complete services with zero quality compromise. For more information, please send an RFI/RFQ today.