Quality Precision Parts

Quality is a key element of precision machining, regardless of the industry. For the medical, aerospace, and defense industries, however, quality is absolutely essential. In these industries, components and structures are critically reliant on the concept that every piece, regardless of how large or small, no matter how simple or complex, must be built to exact specifications without error. Each of our locations in the MultiSource network, spanning from Minnesota to Colorado, prides themselves on having a strong quality system certified by  independent registrar. Copies of our certifications are available in the Quality section of this website.

We are deeply committed to compliance with requirements and to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Quality is embedded in our company’s culture – at each of our facilities and at every level of our organization, MultiSource expects, demands, and delivers exceptional quality.

We partner with our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process, including prototyping, development, and qualification to ensure we have an exact understanding of their project’s requirements and specifications. This continuous communication is a cornerstone of our manufacturing process. Our commitment to quality processes begins at the onset of every project when we include quality as a nonnegotiable requirement of every production run.

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC uses first-class inspection tools, with all sites standardized on Zeiss CMMs and vision systems. These tools allow us to measure the geometrical characteristics of a part to ensure it meets the required specifications. Above all else, our commitment to quality is backed by the knowledge and dedication of an experienced quality control staff. Our demonstrated quality performance has enabled us to achieve “certified supplier” and “dock-to-stock” statuses with many of our customers.

At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, we are firmly committed to continuous improvement. We make substantial investments in capital equipment and employee training every year to ensure we are bringing the latest technologies and human skillsets to each project.

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