Military Appreciation Month: Honoring the U.S. Military’s Food Safety Practices


Because of the many dates marked throughout May honoring the U.S. military, including Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, VE Day, and more, the month of May is designated as U.S. Military Appreciation Month. At Forpak, we support our troops by protecting food safety practices that help promote the quality of food products globally. For more than 25 years, Forpak has manufactured high-quality, innovative solutions for food production equipment. Our packaging systems are designed to protect the safety and quality of food products for the bakery, meat, and pizza industries. When it comes to the U.S. military, organizing the efficient packaging and distribution of the food supply for troops is a highly complex system. Protecting food safety in that system starts with effective, quality handling of products in the packaging process.

Forpak designs support food safety, sanitation, and an overall reduced potential of contamination in the packing process. Our products meet National Science Foundation (NSF) 3A Standard requirements for meat and poultry and Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) standards for baking. This means our customers can take advantage of our equipment’s strict hygiene and sanitation standards, including leading technology with Allen Bradley controls incorporated into all our designs.

Our equipment for stacking, laning, sorting, transferring, conveying, and other custom stages in a facility’s packaging process are used globally. Excluding Antarctica, Forpak equipment is installed in facilities on every continent, serving many types of customers and protecting food safety worldwide.

In addition to quality designs for food packaging equipment that contributes to global food safety in the distribution of many baked goods, meat products, and more, Forpak provides technical support from start to finish during the production of assemblies and through our new preventative maintenance program. Thanks to our preventative maintenance support, customers experience less down time in production, maximize materials and time, increase the lifespan of equipment parts, eliminate emergency shutdowns, and have access to a detailed record of maintenance logs and part information. Forpak’s preventative maintenance program also offers a 10% discount on parts, visits from our technicians, and emergency services.

Whether the distribution of food safely and effectively to troops means catering in the mess hall or providing field rations, the most important part of preservation of nutrition, caloric quality, freshness, and flavor is correctly and effectively packaging products. With food processing systems like Forpak’s integrated into more facilities, food safety and effective packing can be accomplished much easier.

To learn more about our support of the troops this May for Military Appreciation Month or the products we design and build for food safety in packaging, contact Forpak by calling (612) 419-1948 or emailing You can also request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.



Appreciating the Work of Our Military with Contract Manufacturing Services


MultiSource Manufacturing LLC provides customer-focused and precision-based contract manufacturing services for a wide range of industries. Not only do we provide components for OEMs and other customers in the medical device, semiconductor, aerospace, financial processing, and food production industries, we also work with independent and federal defense contractors. Since 1968, MultiSource has worked to provide quality, trusted components and full assemblies that meet strict requirements for the heavily regulated defense and aerospace industries. We provide flight-critical parts with precise CNC machining capabilities, such as cockpit controls, rocketry components, flight deck video systems, cargo handling, and more. Our goal as a contract manufacturing provider is to support our military’s defense and aerospace divisions and protect troops by creating high-quality, innovative solutions for the construction of advanced planes, jets, rockets, and many other mission-critical systems.

May is Military Appreciation Month, and we want to take part in honoring our troops year-round, but especially this month. We know our military works extremely hard to protect our country and support the safety of our country’s values and people.

As a contract manufacturing company, MultiSource takes part year-round in the appreciation and support of our troops through our production of key components and assemblies for the defense and aerospace industries.

We are registered with the State Department and the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) for ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 as well as AS9100 D. Thanks to our 40+ years of contribution to the defense and aerospace industry, we’ve worked through the significant advancements in technology and applications that developed during that time span.

From the early days of the space program and the 1960s military to today’s futuristic technology used in the U.S. defense and aerospace industries, MultiSource engineers and technicians have provided innovative, precise solutions that meet the high standards required.

Our network of design/build machine shops work to generate many prototypes. These machines can fabricate parts and assemblies, offer value added services for finishing, perform the necessary diagnostics, and always meet Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery standards. With CNC milling up to 5 simultaneous axes, turning with live tooling, and Swiss turning with up to 12 simultaneous axes, MultiSource technicians can work with a broad range of materials for extremely precise results.

We routinely work with military grade stainless steel for many components and assemblies, but we also manufacture with titanium, aluminum, high-nickel alloys, and plastics. With our production floor capabilities, MultiSource can provide many high-precision components and assemblies for the defense and aerospace industries.

Contact the Contract Manufacturing Experts Today!

As we continue to offer contract manufacturing services to the U.S. defense and aerospace industries, we want to take time this month to appreciate our military and thank our troops for their hard work and dedication. To learn more about our services for contract manufacturing, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

Celebrating National Customer Appreciation Month with Unique Food Packaging Solutions

At Forpak, our goal as a food-grade industrial equipment provider is to uphold our own standards and international standards for safety and quality while meeting unique client needs. We’ve developed new food packaging solutions, designed fully automated systems, and manufactured our products for customers worldwide for more than 25 years. To play our part in promoting food safety practices for global food processing, packaging, and distributing industries, we’re dedicated to supporting sanitary equipment use as well as understanding the values our customers hold. We work to provide customer-focused services for all aspects of designing and manufacturing of our food packaging solutions.


We are happier than ever to appreciate our customers and their partnerships with Forpak this April with National Customer Appreciation Month. Without our customers’ specialized needs for automation and food-grade equipment, Forpak would not be able to provide our advanced food packaging solutions to help grow the industry.


Forpak designs are based on our fundamental values:


  • Meeting the strict hygienic and sanitary standards and qualifications for NSF 3A for meat and poultry, BISSC for baking, and more.


  • Leading the food packing industry in designs and innovative solutions with added benefits like Allen Bradley controls and components.


  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients to provide them with both the packaging solutions they need and our continued support of food safety.


While we fabricate a large portion of our own unique designs for food packaging solutions, including production line equipment such as conveyors, stackers, sorters, laners, auto transfers, and more, Forpak also designs machines that are tailored to the specialized needs of many different customers.


Our customers work in multiple food packaging industries, from baked goods to meat and poultry. All of our clients that have integrated our custom equipment into their facilities have immediately seen the benefits of our designs. Not only are our custom systems completely fitted to work into our clients’ production and maintenance schedules, facility spaces, building technical capacities, staff and training backgrounds, and sanitation routines, they also benefit from Forpak’s own long-term services through our preventative maintenance program.


Whether customers utilize our equipment or require the development of a new Forpak design for their facilities, our new maintenance program offers our staff expertise with our products, an extensive knowledge of potential repairs, and a breadth of familiarity with how our components interact with client facilities. With this program, you can rely on us for longevity in equipment quality, limited production downtime, and a stress-free experience with all Forpak’s equipment.


To learn more about our food packaging solutions and our appreciation for our customers, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or You can also request more information online  or request a quote to get started with us today.

Customer-Focused Contract Manufacturing Practices


For over 20 years now, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has grown into the highly developed network of multiple design/build contract manufacturing facilities it is today. Our team of hardworking engineers, machinists, and other staff, along with our state-of-the-art equipment across five highly operational facilities, has allowed us to work with a foundational focus and value of our customers. Because April is National Customer Appreciation Month in the U.S., we would love to take this time to highlight how exactly we work with a customer-focused approach to all our contract manufacturing practices.

Our goal as a customer-focused contact manufacturer is to provide a comprehensive service structure for any project from start to finish. Because we work with Fortune 500 companies, OEMs, and many other types of clients, some projects may look very different from others. No matter how small, large, simple, or complex a project is, we continue communication between our team and client throughout the main six steps of a contract manufacturing project:

1. Prototyping: To understand your exact needs for a part or full assembly, our prototyping process starts with a full breakdown of your design, specifications, and materials. When a CAD/CAM file is generated, simulated tests are run and a first prototype can be fabricated. If this prototype passes all initial physical testing, we will move with your design to the fabrication stage.

2. Fabrication: With multiple facilities and hundreds of machines operated by advanced, precision-based software and skilled technicians, we can quickly manufacture almost any component with best-cost practices. We aim to create the most effective part solutions, eliminating excess time and cost without compromising quality. Our production of a precise part will prevent issues in its function, the function of the assembly as whole, and unnecessary maintenance down the line.

3. Assembly: If you need a full assembly with multiple parts, our engineer team can incorporate that finished system into the prototyping process. When each component is tested for operation, we will assemble all parts together and test your system as a whole.

4. Quality Control: Including value-added services like deburring and heat treatment, MultiSource provides full quality control inspections. Final testing, visual inspection, and predictive maintenance strategies are all used in our quality control processes for parts and full assemblies.

5. Packing: To meet our standards for excellence in JIT delivery, MultiSource takes quality packaging and rapid delivery very seriously. We will package your parts and assemblies with specialized packing methods and provide inventory tracking systems. We understand that every part has its own unique packing needs.

To honor and thank our customers each year, we celebrate National Customer Appreciation Month each June. To learn more about our customer-focused contract manufacturing practices, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

Introducing MultiSource Fast Track for Rapid Prototyping

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is announcing the initiation of a new prototyping division, MultiSource Fast Track, that will provide OEMs and other customers with more streamlined and best quality prototyping and engineering capabilities. MultiSource Fast Track offers three tiers of rapid prototyping services; Fast Track, Fast Track Plus+, and Premier Production. Each tier is suited to specific project needs regarding lead times, technology, materials, and complexity, but all tiers offer precision-based value engineering and partnership with our expert engineers and technicians. The foundation of MultiSource Fast Track is the ideal of early supplier involvement with value engineering for effective prototyping.


In the MultiSource network, we believe that effective prototyping is the most important part of the manufacturing process. A quality prototype saves time, money, and stress. Because of the importance of effective prototyping, we established MultiSource Fast Track to address client specifications, schedule, and budget in a comprehensive system that offers three major benefits:


  1. Value Engineering: With all tiers of MultiSource Fast Track, our engineers work on the basis of “design for manufacturing” (DFM). Utilizing DFM practices to engineer a prototype ensures an effective and streamlined manufacturing process every time. For materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, multiple plastics, and many other metals, MultiSource engineers can provide value engineering strategies that guarantees quality results in manufacturing. No matter how complex or simple client needs are for prototypes of components and assemblies, value engineering and DFM are built into the prototyping process at all tiers of MultiSource Fast Track.


  1. Speed: Another primary benefit of MultiSource Fast Track is the speed of our engineers and technicians in the prototyping process. With lead times as fast as two weeks, MultiSource engineers can design an effective prototype with a range of materials from steel to plastics and with the manufacturing abilities of multiple machines. Rapid prototype results are critical for meeting early supplier involvement and value engineering goals as well as moving a project forward.


  1. Collaboration: Last but not least, this main benefit of our MultiSource Fast Track prototyping division is the direct collaboration with our team of skilled engineers and highly experienced technicians. Continued communication and partnership throughout a project are the most effective ways to get quality results. MultiSource Fast Track offers joint value analysis and value engineering with open sharing of information, ideas, process requirements, costs, and design. We want clients to trust in our team and enjoy collaboration in the MultiSource Fast Track process.


The MultiSource Fast Track prototyping division is our dedication to provide OEMs and other customers with rapid designs that give quality results in component and assembly fabrication. To learn more about the new MultiSource Fast Track program and about all our prototyping services, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.



Top Benefits of Laning Capabilities in Food Automation Equipment

In today’s food industry, there’s a vast quantity of products available worldwide, ranging from common produce like potatoes to complex processed foods and luxury goods. In order to accommodate the packaging and distribution of this wide array of products, the food packing industry has had to create innovative solutions for handling large-scale quantities of goods that need to be quickly and effectively packaged and transferred while meeting food safety standards. At Forpak, we’re dedicated to supporting food safety and quality food packaging with unique solutions for food automation equipment. From stackers and conveyors to sorters and laners, Forpak technology offers streamlined, fast, and cost-effective methods for handling food products in industrial facilities. Our products are easily integrated into existing food assembly equipment systems, and our preventative maintenance program helps customers maintain long-term quality in installed equipment.

When it comes to laning capabilities in a food packaging facility, Forpak laners are industry leading machines designed to offer increased automation unlike any other competing systems. The Forpak Laner has a small footprint but a big impact on the efficiency and safety of a plant. Capable of laning up to 100 pieces a minute per lane while meeting NSF 3A and BISSC standards, the Forpak Laner is a state-of-the-art food automation equipment design.

Customers that integrate a Forpak Laner into their facilities will save time, labor, and costs. Direct benefits of a Forpak Laner include:

  • ease of integration into even complex food assembly systems, including the ability to plug laners directly into automated set ups and unique assembly processes
  • brand new automation capabilities that no other laners can provide
    simplification of otherwise complicated sorting and laning stages of a processing schedule
  • full wash down capabilities with water-tight controls for complete sanitation
    ability to fit into a tight space while also increasing processing speeds
  • elimination of worker contact, allowing plants to improve COVID-19 protocol and protect workers from exposure while also decreasing potential human contamination of food products

Forpak Laners are small but mighty workhorses that have the ability to completely change and improve the way customers process foods to a smoother, faster, and safer system. Laners are built with 1-10 lanes, 7-gauge side rails, variable speeds, and high-quality, food-grade stainless steel.

Customers processing goods in the bakery or meat industries can install Forpak laners even in tight facilities with limited areas. This food assembly equipment addition will mark a new beginning of efficiency and safety in any packaging facility.

To learn more about Forpak Laners and all our food automation equipment solutions, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or Request more information online or request a quote to get started with us today.

Mechanical and Electromechanical Assembly for Medical Device Manufacturing


The medical device industry is demanding and complex, with many restrictions and high-standard requirements. This is, of course, because of the effects that devices can have on patients’ lives. Failure is not an option! To meet the rigorous expectations of the medical device industry, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC follows precision-based and customer-focused practices with our multiple design/build facilities. With over 20 years of experience providing high-quality contract manufacturing for several industries, including medical device manufacturing, our engineers and technicians continue to exceed standards for device design and fabrication.

A major component of medical device manufacturing is the productions of parts that go into mechanical and electromechanical assemblies. Not only do many internal devices rely on intricate electromechanical systems, but also a majority of all common devices in hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers function with electromechanical and mechanical assemblies.

In addition to having a significant place in patient treatment, electromechanical and mechanical assemblies are a requirement in modern pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. Any time a medication is taken, a doctor’s visit is scheduled, an emergency or at-home treatment is undergone, or medical tests are done, the manufacturing of electromechanical and mechanical medical device components took part.

MultiSource engineers and technicians have extensive experience and training in the prototyping, fabrication, assembly, finishing, and testing of complete medical devices that incorporate electromechanical and mechanical systems. We grow every day to meet customer needs, and we currently manufacture a broad range of devices and components, including surgical equipment, drug delivery systems, internal navigation, implantable devices, fibrillation and heart valving, catheterization, and more.

Utilizing electromechanical systems in medical devices is beneficial for increasing control of the device action, supporting sustainable energy usage, producing cosmetically clean and in-practice sanitary equipment, creating compact yet powerful tools, reducing costs, and meeting FDA, USDA, and many other medical standards. Both mechanical and electromechanical assemblies allow fabricators to make real advancements in the medical device manufacturing field and offer better options and innovative treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.

At MultiSource Manufacturing, we are committed to adding our own expertise, history, facilities, equipment, and skilled team to the support of quality, trusted medical device manufacturing. To learn more about our services for the medical as well as other industries, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. You can also request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

Benefits of Forpak’s Unique Pizza Stacking Equipment

Look at any supermarket and you’ll find at least one consistency: the sign for the frozen pizza aisle! Equipment like ours helps make that happen. For frozen, dry, and refrigerated pizzas and pizza crusts, there is a large section of the worldwide pizza production that utilizes automated equipment to sort, move, stack, and package premade crusts and pizzas. At Forpak, our engineering and fabrication teams are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for food packaging in the meat, bakery, and pizza industries. This includes our effective, high-quality, custom designs for pizza stacking equipment.

When customers see our pizza stacking equipment in action, they get a sample of just how much our machines can streamline the production line and improve quality while eliminating human error/contamination and decreasing the overall cost of the fabrication and packing process.

Forpak’s primary pizza stacking equipment leading in the food packing industry for premade pizza crusts and pizzas is our GSII Servo Stacker. This stacker is a highly flexible design capable of reducing labor costs by 30-50%.

GSII Pizza Stacking Equipment


  • The GSII can stack 80 pieces per minute and is suited for larger bakery products. This makes it ideal for stacking and sorting premade pizza crusts and pizzas.
  • This pizza stacking equipment meets requirements for NSF 3A Standards and the BISSC Standards for Baking, which means it’s not only efficient but also hygienic and sanitary with full wash-down capabilities.
  • Forpak GSII stackers can be calibrated with multiple recipe controls, making it possible to handle pizza products in various dimensions.
  • Our Automated Interleaving options allow production lines to incorporate cardboard or paper feeding in the stacking process, which aids in the packaging effectiveness and helps limit contamination. This also eliminates the need for manual interfeeding of paper packing materials between stacked products, speeding up production and, again, lessening human contamination factors.
  • GSII stackers are customizable to have 1-3 lanes and each machine is built with variable conveyor speeds.
  • Not only do our stackers have full wash-down capabilities, they are all built with stainless steel to prevent corrosion that will damage equipment over time and introduce unnecessary contamination factors.
  • The servo-controlled actuators that provide stacking motion are accuracy-based systems that create level and precise stacks.


When it comes to reducing time and costs while improving worker safety and product quality, Forpak’s GSII pizza stacking equipment is an innovative solution proven to be effective, and our food packaging equipment is one of the best in the industry. To learn more about our products, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or Request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.

Optimizing Your Designs with Value Engineering

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has worked as a contract manufacturer since 1998 and has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, from medical device fabrication to the production of semiconductor components. Our engineers work with many prototyping and production techniques to accomplish the continued precision and quality we offer OEMs and other customers. One of the foundational practices we utilize for the engineering of all our projects is “value engineering.”

Value engineering is a methodology used in many industries to design and build parts and assemblies with continued improvements to the function of the final product while limiting unnecessary costs. Using value engineering allows us to focus on the function-to-cost ratio of products and then target how that ratio can be bettered.

For all the industries we manufacture parts and assemblies for, MultiSource teams use value engineering to maintain our precision-based, industry-leading quality. One of the core parts of value engineering processes is function analysis.


Function Analysis

Value engineering is based on a manufacturer’s ability to analyze the function of a part or full assembly and optimize the design of that object to best fit its role. This process is called function analysis, and it can be applied to every part and assembly we manufacture. Function analysis works to first determine the function that must be filled and for how long, the design that will best perform that function, and the way to build that design in the most cost-effective way.

For example, if the function that must be performed is a connection between two components that may need to be removed at some point in its lifetime, the best design to achieve that connection may be a nut and bolt fastening system. Engineers then decide what materials and dimensions will be the most effective without compromising the project budget. The goal of value engineering and function analysis is to optimize project time, quality, and expense by determining the most effective design that can be made with the least cost.

What that means for our customers is that they can trust they will be getting the most out of their materials, costs, and time. Not only does value engineering allow our engineers to build the parts and assemblies that will fit like a glove into the necessary function, it also eliminates excess costs and streamlines the production schedule so our customers can predict their own project goals accurately.

To learn more about the process and tools of value engineering, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

Plastic Fabrication in the Manufacturing World Part 4: PFA

This is the fourth and final part of our blog series covering the plastics our engineers and technicians work with in the MultiSource Manufacturing LLC network. Parts 1-3 cover CPVC, PVC, and polypropylene. In this final section, we’ll talk about perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA), including its properties and uses in the industrial world.

Plastic fabrication is a heavily used process for a broad range of industries, and our manufacturing technicians are capable of performing multiple operations, including welding, bending, and forming. Quality plastic fabrication results require skill and precision because the process often involves a high level of understanding of the chemical reactions that happen when heat and pressure are applied to any given type of plastic. At MultiSource Manufacturing, our plastic fabrication processes are high quality, precise, and utilize comprehensive operational capabilities.

As one of the primary plastics we use in fabrication processes, PFA is a hardy polymer. Because of its extremely high resistance to harsh chemicals, PFA is an ideal plastic to use in a broad range of industrial and commercial settings.

Properties: PFA has a smaller chain length on a molecular level than many other fluoropolymers. This, in addition to an oxygen atom at its branches, make it more translucent with greater thermal stability (effective in a range of -200ºC to 260ºC). Because of this, PFA is resistant to thermal, chemical, and physical stresses. With strong stability at high temperatures, PFA has crack and stress resistance with a low coefficient of friction. PFA is also UV resistant, has antistick properties, and is molecularly stable, even when exposed to almost all other chemicals. PFA is a strong plastic that resists chemical exposure, temperature changes, and repeated bending better than almost any other fluoropolymer.

Uses: Because of its resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, and physical stresses, PFA is typically used in piping, tubing, and as the lining in vessels that will carry caustic chemicals. Medical and laboratory-grade tubing is commonly made with PFA. PFA is also key in fabricating various fittings and lining in components used in corrosive settings such as heat exchangers, valve liners, baskets for semiconductors, nozzles, insulator brushes, pumps, and electrical insulation. PFA is often used in fabricating gas scrubbers and reactors, as well as many areas in crude gas, coal, nuclear, and other types of industrial power plants. On geochemical or environmental analytical chemistry field sites, PFA is often used in sampling equipment as an inert material to help avoid trace levels of metallic ion contamination. MultiSource technicians use PFA in a broad range of applications, from the manufacturing of medical devices to semiconductor components.

To learn more about our uses of PFA, CPVC, PVC, and polypropylene in plastic fabrication processes, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.