“TACT WINS” Sanitation Practices in the Food Industry

The food industry is one of many that requires extremely rigorous sanitation practices every step of the way. Because the food industry distributes products worldwide, it’s critical for everyone participating in food production and packing to do their part in preventing the spread of foodborne illness and poor food quality. At Forpak, our part in supporting food safety and sanitation practices is our production of high-quality, innovative packaging systems. Our equipment meets multiple standards for food safety, including the NSF 3A Requirements for Meat & Poultry, the BISSC Standard for Baking, FDA and USDA standards, and our own strict policies for hygiene and food-grade sanitation.

The USDA’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) rules are the primary guidelines and requirements that reduce the risk of pathogen travel and ensure the safety of meat, poultry, and egg supplies. In addition to the rules of the HACCP and the other standards and regulations we design our equipment to fully meet, we also adhere to the elements of TACT WINS, an acronym for industry sanitation principles.


Time is a critical component of food production hygiene and industrial efficiency. Too little time spent cleaning equipment can lead to unclean surfaces, while too much time will waste valuable resources. With full wash-down capabilities, Forpak’s equipment offers the fastest, most hygienic cleanup options.


Sanitation actions include worker effort and the chemical action of cleaning solutions. Action is especially important with Forpak’s clean-in-place equipment to prevent the spread of contaminants throughout a facility and complete a sanitation process that limits production downtime.


Cleaning solutions should be concentrated enough to sanitize, but not so concentrated that they waste product and pose a risk to equipment surfaces.


Sanitation temperatures need to be hot enough to kill contaminants and remove non-water-soluble particles without creating risks to worker safety and equipment.


Water is a universal cleaning system for cleaning solution concentrates, rinsing, and destroying most particles that are present on food packaging equipment. NEMA 4X Watershed Enclosures on Forpak equipment protects all electronics and controls from water cover, allowing the rest of the machine full exposure.


Equipment cleaning should be tracked with a record system. This helps keep a routine schedule and accountability for which employees performed the wash down.


Soil, bacteria, and other natural elements in food should be noted and controlled in ways specific to the type of food product and the equipment used.


All Forpak equipment is built with food-grade stainless steel to prevent the spread of contamination on surfaces and eliminate the risk of corrosion. Surfaces that come into contact with food products must be able to have regular, strict sanitation.

To learn more about standards and our packing equipment for the food industry, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or forpaksupport@multisourcemfg.com. Request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.


Specialized Capabilities for the Fabrication of Semiconductor Components

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has been fabricating semiconductor parts and full semiconductor assemblies for over 35 years. Our facilities have state-of-the-art equipment specialized for semiconductor component machining, and our engineers and technicians have the expertise to handle any industry-specific production requirements. When it comes to semiconductor manufacturing, we are an industry-leading provider of optimized parts and assemblies. With a Class 1 clean room, plastic fabrication and welding capabilities, and comprehensive tear down reverse engineering of various semiconductor components for OEMs and other customers, MultiSource has the skills and tools needed to get the job done.

MultiSource provides contract manufacturing services to a broad range of industries. Our collection of multi-axis machining centers, mills, lathes, and additional equipment with our staff experience and training makes our production floor one of the best for many projects, from prototype design to finishing touches.

For the semiconductor industry, our PFA fabrication and reverse engineering capabilities, as well as our state-of-the-art clean room, allow us to build parts and assemblies that require highly specialized fabrication techniques.

PFA Fabrication and Welding:

Fluoroplastics are utilized heavily in semiconductor part manufacturing. PFAs and other fluoroplastics have high working temperatures, non-stick properties, high resistance to chemicals, solvents, and electrical currents, and low friction surfaces. With PFA welding and other fabrication capabilities, we can create innovative solutions for housing circuit boards, microchips, and other semiconductor components.

Class 1000 Clean Room:

Semiconductor parts need to be fabricated in highly clean, contaminant-free environments. With our ISO Class 3 clean room, we work with a directed recirculating airflow that passes through heavily-filtered quarantining systems. Fabrication technicians wear full hazmat PPE and handle semiconductor materials with strict hygiene protocols. Our clean room and sanitary manufacturing practices ensure a quality product.

Reverse Engineering:

For years now, reverse engineering has been an accepted manufacturing practice in many industries. For the electronics and semiconductor industries, reverse engineering is recognized as an effective method of competitive intelligence. Our engineers have extensive education and experience for reverse engineering and improving designs of semiconductor components, from standardized industrial parts to unique formats of electronic gridding.

Our goal in all our semiconductor parts and assemblies is to optimize designs as we machine, fabricate, clean, test, package, and custom-crate each product. From microchip reticle handling and wet processing to plastic and steel manufacturing, we have virtually unlimited resources and capabilities for building parts and assemblies in the semiconductor industry.

To learn more about our fabrication of semiconductor components, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

Food Production Equipment Highlight: GSII Stackers

When it comes to supporting food safety worldwide, standardized sanitation practices in the production and packaging processes on an industrial level is key. The majority of frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods are distributed on a global scale. At Forpak, we manufacture unique automation solutions for food safety in packaging systems, including stackers, conveyors, transfers, reject detectors, sorters, laners, and custom designs for OEMs and other customers in the meat, bakery, and pizza industries. We work with trusted partners to source materials and parts, and our engineers and technicians are a skilled design/build team. Forpak is your one-stop-shop for the innovative design and manufacturing of food production equipment that can be easily integrated into new facilities or existing production lines.

Food Production Equipment

Each operation that goes into a food packaging production floor has its own specifications that can vary by product. Even within standard operations like laning, sorting, and stacking, the equipment needs to be fitted to product dimensions, weight, and more. Forpak is here to help clients working in food production fit in the exact extra step they need in their operations line.

One of the main kinds of food production equipment we design and build for clients is our stackers. The bakery, pizza, and meat industries all utilize packaging designs that often require multiple products to be stacked into one unit and transferred down the line.

Our GSII Servo Stackers are ideal for large products like pizza crusts, pita breads, and anything in between.

GSII Specs

  • GSII model stackers have touch-screen controls that allow technicians to specify stacking units through a graphics system.
  • The control system can handle multiple recipes with variable stacking and conveyor speeds.
  • Stacking uses servo-controlled actuators.
  • Stacks are transferred onto a continuously running Take Away Conveyor.
  • GSII stackers are designed to stack 80 pieces per minute in each lane.
  • Stackers have NEMA 4X Watershed Enclosures for full wash down capabilities.
  • Conveyors and other moving parts use Intralox modular belting.
  • Our stackers can handle products on 1-3 lanes.
  • GSII stackers come with cardboard feed options to automatically interleave cardboard separators between individual pieces.
  • All our products have CE compliance
  • GSII stackers run on 230/460 VAC with 3-phase power for long-term energy sustainability.
  • All our products meet NSF 3A Standards for the meat and poultry industry and the BISSC Standard for the bakery industry.
  • GSII stackers and all our products are built with food-grade stainless steel.
  • Stacked products can be manually packaged into boxes or moved downstream to other automated operations quickly, safely, and efficiently.

GSII stackers are one of many of our designs for automated food production equipment that support food safety in the global industry. To learn more about our products, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or forpaksupport@multisourcemfg.com. Request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.

Finishing and Value-Added Services

At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, our primary goal is precision. Not only do we work to meet the needs of OEMs and other customers with precision in the components and full assemblies we manufacture, our production schedule and just-in-time delivery practices support precision-based lean manufacturing systems. We provide a broad range of manufacturing services to several industries, including those that require complex, high-functioning parts, such as the medical device and aerospace industries. To meet international certification standards and our own strict quality control requirements, our engineers and technicians follow very specific processes for precision results. When you partner with the MultiSource network for your fabrication needs, you benefit from our design/build services from prototyping to assembly, but you will also get the advantage of comprehensive finishing, plating, and other value-added services.

We utilize multiple value-added services for all the materials we manufacture with. From heat treating to painting, all our finishing services play a critical role in our fabrication precision and fully finished parts.

Types of Metals

MultiSource technicians work with many types of metal, including stainless, surgical, military, and basic grades of steel, sheet metals, titanium, magnesium, aluminum, brass, high nickel alloys, and exotic metals. These materials require a range of finishing techniques that protect parts from corrosion, scratching, and patina, improve durability, create certain cosmetic results, and much more.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added finishing services for metals include platings that allow us to alter parts for electrical or thermal conduction, protection from radiation, solderability, reduction of friction, hardness, corrosion resistance, IR reflectivity, and cosmetic specifications.

With our heat-treating services, we can finish metal parts to improve strength, hardness, ductility, durability, elasticity, and resistance. Our heat-treating services include annealing, tempering, case hardening, normalizing, and quenching.

We also work with non-metal materials for plastic fabrication, including various polymers, Teflon™, and exotics. A large part of plastic fabrication is the finishing work that needs to be performed for the integrity, strength, and cleanliness of a final part. This includes surface finishes like paint and other coatings, some heat treating, sanding, polishing, and more.

Paint and coating finishes are also highly effective for metal parts. Anti-rust paints and protective coatings significantly reduce corrosion and wear resistance. MultiSource technicians employ precise painting practices for even the most intricate, smallest components and for all oversized industrial parts. Our paints and other surface finishes are specialized, highly engineered materials that we apply with automated systems and skilled hand-painting when appropriate.

MultiSource’s value-added services are key stages for the majority of our production processes. To learn more about our additional finishing services and the industries we supply with precision-based components and full assemblies, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC today at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote online to get started with us.

Production Operations Made Possible with the Right Food Assembly Equipment

Forpak designs innovative solutions for customers in the food and bakery packaging industries. Our state-of-the-art food assembly equipment is easily integrated into existing systems, provides effective operations for multiple types of food production lines, and supports the standards of international food safety. When customers partner with Forpak for their food assembly system, they also benefit from our preventative maintenance program. With the majority of ownership costs coming from long-term operations, our preventative maintenance program will save time and money for every customer as well as a direct line to parts, service knowledge, and overall support. With Forpak’s food assembly equipment, you can start to improve and grow your production practices, increase your schedule, protect your workers, and maintain food safety goals.

Our technology provides tools for production operations including:


Moving products throughout your facility and along production lines is one of the most important parts of an effective system. Using conveyors that can quickly, efficiently, and safely move food products can streamline your production process, support food safety, and increase your output. Forpak equipment incorporates conveyor systems throughout our products and into your existing facilities to perfectly integrate new solutions.

Laning: It’s also important to have the ability to keep food products on lanes and have transition systems between lanes. Laning products keeps your assembly or packaging process organized, clean, and moving quickly. Whether food products are simply being moved from one part of the facility to another or getting packaged, Forpak lanes keep things under control.

Sorting: Sorting systems save you hours on the production line and they remove the potential for human error or contamination. Forpak sorters can automatically organize food products one at a time or in bundles by count or weight. Sorting systems will save cost, time, worker fatigue, and more advantages.

Stacking: Like sorting systems, stackers are also innovative tools that will speed up your production process and make it even more hygienic. With machines that auto-stack food products and prep them for packaging, your food assembly equipment can sort and organize items vertically. This improves packaging design, saves room, and provides an even more precise processing system.


When food items are moved from one part of the production line to another, you need to have accurate transfer systems in place to prevent blockages, overflow, and damage. Our transfer systems are a unique design that quickly and precisely moves food products between conveyors, laners, sorters, and stackers to the final packing process.

Quality control: Without a quality end result, none of the other food packaging operations matter. Forpak’s quality control systems can be integrated into multiple parts of the production line. These systems remove damaged or imperfect food items from the line, improve packaging quality, and overall cleanup the assembly process.

Food Assembly Equipment:

To learn more about our quality food assembly equipment, call us at (612) 419-1948 or email forpaksupport@multisourcemfg.com. You can also request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.

Materials Expertise for Contract Manufacturing

As an industry-leading manufacturer for a broad range of industries, including those requiring extreme precision, intricate components, and clean room handling, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC knows how important it is to source only the best materials for your production floor. We work with several types of metals, including exotic alloys and sheet metal as well as multiple plastics and polymers. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC pours its materials expertise into sourcing at each of our locations so we can get exactly what we need for every part and full assembly that we make. For all our contract manufacturing services, you can trust us to use the highest quality industrial materials without compromising excessive costs.

As a network of contract manufacturing facilities, the materials we source to fabricate components and full assemblies for OEMs and other customers include:


Aluminum is one of the most common materials we use because of its versatility and durability. We use aluminum to build parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, medical, financial processing, and more.


Steel is used in a broad range of fabrication processes. We use a variety of steels, including stainless steel for food-grade components, among many others; surgical steel for medical device production, military grade steel for aerospace and defense manufacturing; and basic steels such as low, mild, and high carbon grades.


As one of the strongest metals available to the manufacturing world, titanium is highly useful for many production applications. It is especially key in fabricating components that are durable, flexible, and can hold up to high-stress scenarios when used in aerospace, defense, and medical industries.


Other metals: In addition to sheet metal, steels, and titanium, we source several other high-quality metals for fabricating different parts. This includes aluminum, magnesium, and brass in addition to high-nickel alloys.


Exotic metals: Along with exotic alloys of steel, titanium, magnesium, brass, and aluminum, we also source and manufacture with exotics like inconel, hastelloy, molybdenum, platinum, chromium, cobalt, monel, tungsten, and more.


Plastics: Plastics are highly effective materials for many industrial applications. MultiSource performs expert plastic welding, bending, forming, and other techniques with different polymer materials. We utilize basic polymers that we source and make in-house, but we also work with Teflon™ and exotic plastics.

Because we have multiple locations that manufacture components and assemblies used worldwide in such a broad range of industries, it’s highly critical that we can count on our materials to meet the same quality we promise all our customers. To ensure that quality, we dedicate time and money to our sourcing departments and partner with trusted suppliers.

Contract Manufacturing:

To learn more about the contract manufacturing services we provide for global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information or request a quote to get started with us today.







Why Choose MultiSource for Contract Manufacturing?

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC provides comprehensive contract manufacturing for a wide range of industries. We supply OEMs and other customers with precise components and full assemblies. The materials we source for fabrication projects include sheet metals, multiple grades of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, high-nickel alloys, brass, magnesium, exotic metals, and various plastics and polymers. If you’re looking for complete design/build manufacturing services for any size project, the MultiSource network has the facilities, equipment, expertise, material sources, and design capabilities to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Customers who partner with MultiSource for contract manufacturing will benefit from our foundational values as a company and our extensive production floor capabilities.

Customer Focused:

MultiSource is a network of locations throughout the Minnesota and Colorado, but we serve customers globally. We work with the customer-focused mentality of a small business, yet we have the operational capacity of an industrial plant. From prototyping a design to shipping final parts with Just-in-Time delivery, MultiSource works with a strong emphasis on meeting exact customer specifications and communication with clients throughout.

Precision Based:

With over 200 CNC machining centers, including 3, 4, and 5-axis indexed mills, MultiSource can perfect the accuracy and precision of all production results. Our prototyping process predetermines part guidelines to the closest tolerances. Not only do our fabrication practices meet our own high standards for precision, we also maintain multiple ISO manufacturing certifications.

Equipment: In addition to the many CNC mills, lathes, and swiss machines on our production floors, we have laser marking, welding (for both polymer and metal), plating, heat treating, painting, and other finishing technologies. Our prototyping equipment uses precise CAD/CAM software paired with additive manufacturing and 3D printing systems. MultiSource prototyping, machining, assembly, and finishing equipment all make it possible for our engineers and technicians to provide the highest quality parts possible.

Specialty Capabilities: On top of our precision-based main production technologies, we also have specialized equipment that allows us to manufacture for very demanding industries, including the medical device, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. Our engineers and technicians can fabricate intricate parts for semiconductors with wet processing and microchip handling methods, surgical-grade components for medical devices, rocketry systems for the aerospace industry, and more.

Contract Manufacturing:

MultiSource is an industry-leading provider of contract manufacturing for many industries. Our commitment to excellence with a precision and customer focus is what drives us to always deliver the best results we can. To learn more about the benefits of working with MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, contact us at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote for more information today.

Honoring the Value of Ownership for Food Packaging Automation Equipment

The cost of manufacturing equipment in any size of production facility is nothing to sneeze at. Quality packaging equipment for the food industry in particular is always an investment, and for good reason. The best equipment available needs to meet strict standards set by the USDA, FDA, as well as many other sector standards. It must be sanitary with full wash-down capabilities, run quickly while eliminating damaged or imperfect goods, and fit into a safe workplace setting. At Forpak, we understand the importance of getting all that and more when you make an investment in quality food assembly equipment.

Our innovative food packaging systems for the meat, bakery, and pizza industries are state-of-the-art designs that can be integrated into your existing facility systems seamlessly. Our equipment has long-term reliability, and thanks to our new Preventative Maintenance Program, you can protect the value of your ownership and return on your investment for years to come.

The cost of expanding your facilities with new food assembly equipment can be broken down in two sections: the initial cost of the machine and the maintenance costs down the road.

While typically, maintenance can be the bulk of the lifetime cost of ownership, that’s not the case with our food assembly equipment. Long-term maintenance for our food production equipment is incredibly minimal compared to other assemblies.

This makes it more cost-effective to have regular, preventative maintenance to prevent critical control line breakdowns.

At Forpak, we initiated our Preventative Maintenance Program to support our customers in the long term. Forpak’s food packaging automation equipment designs are unique systems tailored to the exact needs of each customer. To meet those continued needs when maintenance work is needed, we partner with clients to guarantee precise, correct results.

Customers will benefit from our Preventative Maintenance Program with decreased production downtime, lower maintenance costs overall, increased longevity of equipment, maintenance record keeping, and overall improvement of your value of ownership. In addition to these long-term advantages, we also give clients 10% discounts on parts purchased, travel and service costs of our technicians, and emergency services.

All preventative maintenance visits include continued educational training for customer staff members. We will work together to set up a routine preventative maintenance schedule that fits your facility’s production schedule with minimal downtime required.

To learn more about how Forpak food assembly equipment and our Preventative Maintenance Program improves your value of ownership, please contact us today at (612) 419-1948 or forpaksupport@multisourcemfg.com. You can also request more information online or request a quote to get started with us.

Advancing Automation in the Food Industry

The world today has a very large population that has to eat daily. To accommodate this huge basic need, the food industry is large, with millions of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, markets, factories, warehouses, storage providers, transport systems, farms, and many other kinds of businesses and operations that make up food processing and getting food to consumers.

At Forpak, we play our own role in the food industry, supporting automated processing systems with custom, innovative solutions. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians builds unique automated systems for the meat, bakery, and pizza industries. Our designs are smart systems that reduce waste, speed up the production schedule, eliminate human contamination, and streamline the processing system overall. We fabricate automated equipment that has complete wash-down capabilities for the best food safety practices.

Our automated equipment for food processing and packaging includes stackers, laners, conveyors, counting systems, autotransfers, wrappers, sorters, and more. We also work with clients who have custom needs to build a system that can be easily integrated into existing facilities.

Automation in the food industry is a necessity, especially when today’s average consumer expects to find most food products readily all year round. The industry works in bulk for the majority of goods, whether they are fresh, frozen, refrigerated, or dry. Automation plays an important role in making the processing of such bulk of products faster, cleaner, and more precisely.

Forpak’s equipment allows customers to integrate improvements in their automation systems. With our food packaging technologies, customers can benefit from the following:

  1. Reduction of labor costs: Forpak equipment has recorded up to a 30%-50% reduction in labor costs in facilities of all sizes. Our automated food packaging equipment eliminates the need for human workers in many places along the production line, which saves money in labor costs and in production overall.
  2. Elimination of human contamination: Because our equipment removes the need for human workers in many places on the production line, Forpak packing systems eliminate many sources of human contamination. This supports the best food safety practices and completely improves production results.
  3. Increase of production speed and precision: With Forpak automated processing systems, you’ll see high increases in the speed of your production line with rapid autotransfers, sorters, stackers, and more. In addition to speed, precision is also improved so packing mistakes and other errors are avoided.
  4. Reduction of workers’ compensation claims: Forpak equipment significantly minimizes the need for the repetitive motion that notoriously leads to workers’ compensation claims. This does save labor costs, but more importantly, protects your workers and improves the quality of their work environment.

Our specialized designs help customers of all kinds in the food industry improve and advance their automation capabilities. To learn more about our equipment, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or forpaksupport@multisourcemfg.com. Request more information online today or request a quote  to get started with us today.

Industry Certifications and Quality Control in Manufacturing

At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, we work with many different types of equipment and tools for a wide variety of industries. We also have multiple facilities in several locations, each with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, skilled technicians, and knowledgeable engineers. MultiSource is a well-established contract manufacturing provider, and a large part of our continued operations since 1998 is our commitment to quality control. Quality in all our products is our ultimate goal, and because we meet that goal every time, MultiSource is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive build services.

Our quality control practices include prototyping, finishing services, and diagnostics for final testing of a completed component or full assemblies. All our quality practices follow strict regulations and meet requirements for several certifications.

Our current industrial certifications for quality control include:

ISO 9001: ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications cover many different types of industrial and commercial operations. Our ISO 9001 certification means that we are dedicated to providing the best quality services and products possible. The certification is a public acknowledgement of our quality control practices. The details of ISO 9001 make up a ten-section certification process covering context, leadership, planning, operations, performance, and continual improvement. This certification is a general quality-focused accreditation for many types of businesses. For MultiSource, an ISO 9001 certification shows our clients that we’re committed to implementing an effective quality assurance program for all of our projects and continual improvement of all our operations.

ISO 13485: This ISO certification was developed for the medical device industry. It’s almost always paired with an ISO 9001 quality management certification. While an ISO 9001 certificate requires us to show our continued commitment to improving our operations and quality of results, the ISO 13485 requires us to show that the system we use to manufacture any parts or assemblies that will be used in the medical device industry specifically is effective. This means we adapt our medical device manufacturing to all industry regulations, safety protocol, traceability, precision, documentation, and all other legal requirements of the US FDA.

AS-9100D: This certification is also paired with ISO 9001, but it’s specific to the aerospace, aviation, defense, and space industries. These industries, like the medical device industry, have international standards and regulations that demand high precision and the use of specialized materials. The AS-9100D certification works in the same way as ISO 13485 does for the medical device industry, but for the aerospace and related industries instead. Our AS-9100D certificate shows our customers that we meet highly strict standards for the production of complex and advanced components and full assemblies for the aerospace, defense, and space industries.

All our certifications are a testament to our maintained and continually improved quality control practices. To learn more about our services and our quality management, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. You can request more information or request a quote to get started with us today.