MultiSource – Burnsville

MultiSource Burnsville began operations under the name Douglas Manufacturing in 1978 as a complete precision machining service center. Acquired by MultiSource in June of 2000, this facility now offers more than just precision machining – we are also a full service plastic fabricator of specialty machines. We offer complete assembly and subassembly services – we manufacture, build, and assemble to your company’s specifications, including in-house control panel assembly. We are able to provide finished pieces for system integration or finished products ready for crating and shipping. Our efforts are focused on addressing your company’s needs with high quality products that are on time every time.

At MultiSource Burnsville, we pride ourselves on having an extremely strong quality system that has been independently certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Products and Services

As a complete machining service center, we offer multi-axis CNC milling/turning for prototype and medium- to large-sized production runs. Our fabrication capabilities include the concurrent engineering of custom machines, such as: wet processing (develop, etch, and strip lines), filtration systems, plating tank lines, wafer washers, and electrical/machine guarding.
We operate a 2 large format 3-axis Routers and can machine plastics and aluminum up to 2.5” thick, making multiple parts out of a single sheet or larger parts (e.g., machine panels and guards, aluminum machine bases). Our highly skilled workforce is committed to meeting urgent customer requirements, and upon request we offer 24/7 quick turnaround.

The Burnsville facility machines a wide range of materials, including titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper, as well as Hi Purity plastics. We maintain a large inventory of materials onsite to ensure we can meet urgent first-to-market manufacturing for our customers.


MultiSource Burnsville serves the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace/defense, electronics, recreational, lawn/garden, agricultural, food & bakery, and commercial products industries.


MultiSource Burnsville can serve all your needs in our spacious 41,000 square foot production and administrative office facility. We have ~65 non-union employees regularly working two shifts (a third shift is added when necessary to meet urgent demands).

Quality Policy and Registrations

We are deeply committed to compliance with requirements and to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Quality is embedded in our company’s culture – at each of our plants and at every level of our organization, MultiSource expects, demands, and delivers exceptional quality.
We partner with our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process, including design, development, and qualification. Our commitment to quality processes begins at the onset of every project when we include quality as a nonnegotiable requirement of every production run.

MultiSource uses first-class inspection tools and technology. And most importantly, our commitment to quality is backed by the knowledge and dedication of an experienced quality control staff. Our demonstrated quality performance has enabled us to achieve “certified supplier” and “dock-to-stock” statuses with several of our customers.


Location Information

11545 12th Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337

Telephone: 952-882-6211
Fax: 952-882-6232