Other Industries Served

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC serves over a dozen industries with customer-focused precision machining, electromechanical assembly, and contract manufacturing. Along with our expertise in the medical, semiconductor, defense, food and bakery, financial processing, and aerospace industries, we offer the combined capabilities and facilities of the MultiSource network.

Among the primary industries we serve, we also have a long and rich history of manufacturing parts for the following industries.

Computers and Electronics

MultiSource provides custom precision machined parts with full quality inspection for smooth integration into computer systems and a wide range of electronics.


The diverse systems in commercial industrial facilities can rely on the experience of the MultiSource network for custom manufacturing. From robotics to basic production equipment, we provide high-quality parts and system integration checks for factories and other commercial settings.

Environmental and Filtration

The work of environmental equipment and filtration equipment operations is crucial to sustaining clean air and a healthy indoor and outdoor atmosphere. MultiSource strives to support this industry by providing high-quality necessary parts.


Hundreds of parts, simple and complex, go into the production of the vehicles that companies and people worldwide use daily. We fill our role in this industry to provide quality precision-machined components and assemblies.


The MultiSource network also provides plastics fabrication and precision machining to supply the umbrella of recreational product fabrication.

Thermoformed Plastics

The large-scale use of thermoformed plastics in a variety of products supports many additional industries. Our engineering and fabrication capabilities serve this widespread industry with MultiSource custom-manufactured parts.

Housing, Lawn, and Garden

From appliances to watering systems, the components of residential living, inside and out, are utilized by households around the world. Our custom manufacturing capabilities work with home and garden companies during fabrication and assembly.


The agricultural industry supports the food system of the world, and the highly advanced technology that goes into industrial farming demands quality machine components. MultiSource provides those parts with our contract manufacturing services.

From tiny to medium to oversized parts, our engineering and production teams have the experience and resources to manufacture custom parts for your project.

For more information about our engineering, fabrication, assembly, and project management services,  please send an RFI/RFQ today.