Food & Bakery Parts Manufacturing

Since 2006, Forpak and MultiSource Manufacturing LLC have worked together to develop and manufacture high-quality custom equipment for the food industry. Forpak has over 25 years of experience in fabricating and installing automated packaging equipment for food and bakery applications. This partnership plays an important role in the MultiSource network to provide innovative solutions while continuing to meet standards of the food industry. For customer-focused contract manufacturing, MultiSource and Forpak offer quality assurance and service excellence.

In the years since partnering with MultiSource, Forpak has continued to grow in experience, capabilities, and resources. This sustained growth offers customers a comprehensive Design/Build system for custom manufacturing in the food industry. The support of the MultiSource network as a whole gives our customers the advantage of our wide-range abilities in manufacturing for the food industry that are characteristic of a large operation. However, because MultiSource operates in several locations, including Forpak, we can also give the attention and service of a smaller company.

The equipment designed, fabricated, and installed through Forpak meets industry hygiene and sanitization standards including NSF 3A Standard requirements for meat & poultry and BISSC standards for baking. Even our most innovative equipment designs adhere to the regulations of food and bakery packing, transporting, and storing.

As a network, MultiSource and Forpak are industry leaders in technology advancement for food industry equipment. Not only do we specialize in integrating Allen-Bradley controls into our custom equipment, we also provide software support and advanced visual readers with Cognex vision systems.

Our goal as a global provider of custom food industry equipment and contract manufacturing is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers for quality packaging solutions. This includes continued communication and support with our engineering capabilities, plant layout services, technical knowledge, and specialization in production processes.

With Forpak and MultiSource services, you can expect equipment customized to your project. Our goal is to create solutions that will:

  • Transfer products from cooler to freezer.
  • Orient and lane product.
  • Quality-check product with our vision/reject system and metal detection.
  • Stack products to specified counts.
  • Transfer products to downstream packaging including flow wrappers, baggers, and manual case packaging.

With a commitment to quality control and cutting-edge design, the partnership between Forpak and MultiSource strives to understand and incorporate customer goals and values into our own. To learn more about our services in the food and bakery industry, or about our full contract manufacturing , please send an RFI/RFQ today.