Financial Processing

The MultiSource Manufacturing LLC network is capable of supplying to a diverse range of industries because our multiple locations across Minnesota and Colorado offer a range of advanced skills and resources. For over 40 years, MultiSource has engineered and fabricated precision machined parts for use in financial processing.

As an experienced, certified supplier of precision machined parts for the financial processing industry, MultiSource offers an umbrella of services from prototype design to full-scale production. As a network of several facilities, we’re able to provide a comprehensive range of advanced services with the competence of a large operation, yet maintain a strong emphasis on customer service more akin to a smaller company.

MultiSource works with customers in the financial processing industry who specialize in identification card manufacturing, credit card manufacturing, card stamping, and other forms of payment card production. A partnership with MultiSource means the design, fabrication, and inspection of machine parts in card production equipment is guaranteed to be high quality and reliable.

Today, MultiSource plays a vital role in the delivery of more than 75% of payment cards worldwide. Our experience in the financial processing industry and our resources as a network offers you a strategic partner in card production.

The design and engineering of a part to fit your systems, the precise fabrication of that part, and the quality inspection of that part integration is fully optimized and expertly handled when you choose to partner with MultiSource. For more information about our work in the financial processing industry, or to learn more about our contract manufacturing send an RFI/RFQ today.