"Just wanted to let you know that I did get the Output Fault on our Forpak GS-6 Patty Stacker reset, with the help of you fine folks, and all appears to be well with the machine. Thank you. It’s nice to know you guys are out there. Quick, sure-footed service. Nice to see.

Like I said, We’ve had this unit installed and operating on our production floor since early in 2006. I have been the plant electrician/technician since long before this machine’s installation.  It has been working so flawlessly that, literally, we have had to do absolutely nothing to it in the form of trouble-shooting & repair, since we got it. When it came up with that “Output Fault!!!” we were as surprised as the machine itself obviously was! (Note the exclamation marks; they were on the HMI!) It was running product at the time, and myself and one of the leads on the Maintenance Staff were so unsure of ourselves due to lack of exposure to the machine, we opted to not even touch it for fear of doing the wrong thing. It continued to run just fine. We gave you a call, and got the fault cleared, and all is well.

That’s the only problem with having such a well-built machine; You’re almost afraid to touch it when something does go wrong! In my opinion though, that’s a good problem to have. Thanks again."

Greg, Trident Foods