About Us

For over 30 years, Forpak has been designing, developing, and manufacturing automation equipment for the food packaging industry.  Located in suburban Minneapolis, Forpak was acquired by MultiSource Manufacturing LLC in 2006.

Since joining forces with MultiSource, Forpak has enjoyed considerable growth.  We’ve been able to sustain our growth rate under the MultiSource umbrella because Forpak and MultiSource share a deep commitment to top-flight quality, continuous learning and improvement, and customer service excellence.

About Forpak

About Forpak

Our Goal

Design and manufacture food packaging automation equipment that is best in the industry in terms of performance, quality, and flexibility.

Our Value Proposition

At Forpak and MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, Customer Service isn’t just a buzz word.  We pride ourselves on finding cutting-edge solutions to meet each customer’s challenges.  And every solution Forpak provides is built upon a set of fundamental values:

  • Forpak equipment meets stringent hygienic and sanitary standards
    • NSF 3A Standard requirements for meat & poultry
    • BISSC standards for baking
  • Forpak is an industry leader in technological innovation
    • Allen Bradley components and controls
  • Forpak creates mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients
    • Our engineering capabilities, plant layout services, technical knowledge, and deep understanding of production processes ensure that we will always provide packaging solutions that fit your needs.