Forpak’s innovative solutions for the food packaging industry offer a selection of state-of-the-art conveyor, stacking, laning, and transfer systems. We also provide custom design opportunities and a comprehensive preventative maintenance service program. Part of our goal for providing these packing solutions is to always meet food safety standards and make all our equipment sanitary with full wash-down capabilities. The results of meeting these standards also means customers enjoy the benefits of rigorous quality control when they integrate our equipment into their facilities. Some of our most effective quality-control technologies are our vision reject systems. Forpak vision reject systems eliminate food products that don’t meet quality requirements at key stages in the sorting, transferring, and packaging process.


In any industrial food facility, there is typically a large margin of consistent product results with a small number of disqualified products based on the customer criteria. Even if these disqualified goods aren’t a contamination or safety threat to other products, they should still be eliminated for a number of reasons. The most pressing need to remove these disqualified goods with reject systems include:


  • Quality products: The most obvious issue of keeping disqualified food goods in the production line is that it lowers the quality of final results. Not only do consumers become disappointed in a brand when they open a package of food only to find goods crumbled or broken in half, but also grocery stores, food transporters, storage facilities, and virtually all parties involved are negatively affected. With Forpak vision reject systems, all those problems are avoided with the quick and simple removal of a disqualified good from the line.
  • Packaging effectiveness: Industrial food packaging is highly engineered to exact degrees. This precision streamlines the packing process, enables faster transit and better storage of food products, saves space from the factory to the shelf, protects food products from spoiling and cross-contamination, and serves marketing purposes. If disqualified products are kept in the production line and packaged, they will likely compromise the effectiveness of that packaging.


Forpak reject systems utilize specialty imaging systems that analyze multiple lanes of rapidly moving food products. When disqualified goods are detected, they are dropped from the line with no effect on undamaged products.


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