Optimizing Your Designs with Value Engineering

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has worked as a contract manufacturer since 1998 and has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, from medical device fabrication to the production of semiconductor components. Our engineers work with many prototyping and production techniques to accomplish the continued precision and quality we offer OEMs and other customers. One of the foundational practices we utilize for the engineering of all our projects is “value engineering.”

Value engineering is a methodology used in many industries to design and build parts and assemblies with continued improvements to the function of the final product while limiting unnecessary costs. Using value engineering allows us to focus on the function-to-cost ratio of products and then target how that ratio can be bettered.

For all the industries we manufacture parts and assemblies for, MultiSource teams use value engineering to maintain our precision-based, industry-leading quality. One of the core parts of value engineering processes is function analysis.


Function Analysis

Value engineering is based on a manufacturer’s ability to analyze the function of a part or full assembly and optimize the design of that object to best fit its role. This process is called function analysis, and it can be applied to every part and assembly we manufacture. Function analysis works to first determine the function that must be filled and for how long, the design that will best perform that function, and the way to build that design in the most cost-effective way.

For example, if the function that must be performed is a connection between two components that may need to be removed at some point in its lifetime, the best design to achieve that connection may be a nut and bolt fastening system. Engineers then decide what materials and dimensions will be the most effective without compromising the project budget. The goal of value engineering and function analysis is to optimize project time, quality, and expense by determining the most effective design that can be made with the least cost.

What that means for our customers is that they can trust they will be getting the most out of their materials, costs, and time. Not only does value engineering allow our engineers to build the parts and assemblies that will fit like a glove into the necessary function, it also eliminates excess costs and streamlines the production schedule so our customers can predict their own project goals accurately.

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