Uses and Benefits of Swiss-Type CNC Machining

In the past 10 years alone, the use of Swiss-style machining has increased across a wide variation of industries. Though the equipment is often more expensive than other types of CNC machining, the benefits of Swiss machining are many and enough to explain the rapid expansion of its use.


MultiSource Manufacturing LLC utilizes Swiss CNC machining for many production operations daily. From intricate components used in medical devices to large assemblies for U.S. defense organizations, the MultiSource network makes use of Swiss machining to provide OEMs and other customers the skills in manufacturing they need.


While the MultiSource network utilizes many different methods of CNC machining with success, including vertical and horizontal lathes, mills, and more, our Swiss machining centers are unparalleled in several aspects:


  1. Swiss machines are able to perform more complex machining operations than any other type of CNC system. Because Swiss machines use a collet and guide brushing with tooling movement across the Z-axis rather than the more simplistic structure of most other machines, they can operate with extreme accuracies with tolerances as tight as a few micrometers.
  2. In addition to extreme accuracy, the tooling movement of Swiss machines can handle slender components with diameters as slim as .008”. We utilize Swiss machining for components with diameters from .008” to 1.250”.
  3. Swiss machining operations are also more rapidly performed than other types of machining. Because Swiss machines often have a secondary spindle in addition to the main operating spindle, they can combine several operations into one. Specifically, a secondary spindle collects a component as it is cut and transfers it to the second operation, finally ejecting it into a collection bin. This eliminates the need for a technician to physically transfer components from one operation to the next.
  4. The MultiSource network’s Swiss machines also provide live tooling capabilities that increase the speed of the production process overall. Live tooling works with rotary cutters that work independently of the main spindles. They offer increased intricacy in the machining process and increased speed towards final production.


The MultiSource network’s Swiss machines provide more accurate, complex, slender components with speed and efficiency. Our CNC machining operations are improved completely with the use of our Swiss machines, but like all our other production, quality control relies on continued maintenance of equipment. Swiss machines and all other equipment are kept on a strict yearly maintenance schedule to maintain peak conditions and provide excellence in manufacturing.


For complex components on rapid production schedules, look no further than MultiSource Manufacturing. To learn more about our capabilities in CNC machining, contact us at (952) 456-5500, or request a quote or more information online to get started with us today.

Understanding the Role of Rapid Prototyping for Kanban Fulfillment and Just-In-Time Production

For over 20 years, the MultiSource Manufacturing network has worked to provide high-quality custom-made products from the ground up to OEMs and customers in a wide range of industries. A key component of building reliable, complete products for any industry is the prototyping process. With our multiple facilities, MultiSource is able to provide comprehensive product design services with advanced software and additive manufacturing capabilities. When you partner with the MultiSource network for your project today, you can trust our team to provide the best customer service, design, build, and assembly from start to finish, beginning with our dedicated 3D printing and rapid prototyping, ending with our additional specialized production locations.

Our team of expert, skilled engineers works with state-of-the-art 3D printing and machining equipment seamlessly directed with advanced computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software. Using this software and equipment, MultiSource engineers can create an exact virtual image of a part with geometric specifications and function simulation and then fully-realize the physical prototype for testing and customer approval.

The goal of MultiSource rapid prototyping procedures is not only to provide the quality design and production of a viable part, but also to promote our continued emphasis on and practice of Kanban manufacturing and Just-In-Time fulfillment.


Originally developed in Japan at the Toyota manufacturing facilities, Kanban is an early method of lean manufacturing. The word literally translates as “visual signals” or “signboards” because of the original procedure involving customers sending Kanban cards to manufacturers to request supplies, but the concept has expanded to encompass newer lean manufacturing practices. Today, Kanban works to limit waste and improve efficiency in production in a lean manufacturing process that operates based on OEM and customer demand. Our demand-based production benefits greatly from the paired rapid prototyping utilized across the MultiSource network, and without the speed and accuracy our prototyping teams provide, Kanban practices would be severely limited.


Like Kanban manufacturing, Just-In-Time fulfillment works as a lean manufacturing system to limit production waste and streamline operations. Where Kanban manufacturing organizes production around the direct request of customers, Just-In-Time fulfillment incorporates Kanban into a comprehensive cycle of design, fabrication, assembly, delivery, and integration. The concept of Kanban manufacturing and Just-In-Time fulfillment work together to provide a production system that meets demands with little to no unnecessary waste of materials, time, or energy. Our rapid prototyping services fit perfectly into the foundation of MultiSource’s support and practice of a full-fledged Kanban and Just-In-Time operation.

To learn more about our Kanban practices and Just-In-Time fulfillment with contract manufacturing, or to find out about our complete services for rapid prototyping, submit a request more information, or request a quote today.

The Importance of Laser Marking and Welding in the Fabrication of Complex Components

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is committed to providing complete contract fabrication services to OEMs and other customers across the globe. To uphold our standard of comprehensive services, our multiple facilities work as a network of manufacturing, assembling, and finishing providers. From full engineering and prototyping services to finishing and value-added services, our team of expert fabricators can build the components and full assemblies you need.

While prototyping quality components with reliable, well-sourced materials is key to excellence in production, we understand the integral role that finishing services play in a comprehensive process. To meet quality finishing standards, the MultiSource network performs value-added services from plating to laser marking and beyond.

For many manufacturing projects, laser marking is a key operation during the finishing process.


What is Laser Marking?

Just as its name tells, laser marking is a process of labeling or otherwise marking a component with a laser. Laser marking can be accomplished with staining, annealing, cutting away, foaming, or engraving techniques. We perform laser marking operations on a wide range of materials including sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, plastics, laminants, and painted surfaces.


How does it work?

To perform laser marking, there are several methodologies that vary depending on the material to be marked. Heat marking lasers can burn a surface and create an oxidation process to change the marked surface color. It can also create a chemical change that will otherwise stain or alter the color of a marked surface. This is typical for laser marking plastic surfaces. Engraving can be performed using the heat of a laser to remove surface material with evaporation or melting. Foaming laser marking can be applied to plastics as well. This process creates a gas bubble by evaporating surface material. The diffusion of light through the gas creates a color change in the desired areas.


Benefits of Laser Marking

We utilize laser marking in the finishing of many components because it offers a greater speed of surface marking with consistent quality of precision. Laser marking is effective on a wide range of varying materials and provides a durable, computer-controlled mark that is resistant to many forms of damage. Overall, laser marking is a faster and more highly-controlled marking process that offers a quality, long lasting surface alteration.


To learn more about laser marking and the comprehensive finishing operations we provide, contact MultiSource today. To get started on your fabrication project with the MultiSource network, request a quote or request more information.


MultiSource Manufacturing at the Design-2-Part Trade Show!

Our team is excited to be attending the Design-2-Part trade show in Grapevine, TX! We’ll be joining some of the country’s best manufacturers at the region’s largest contract manufacturing trade show. If you’re looking for the best in precision machining, visit MultiSource Manufacturing at booth #307.

Click here to get your FREE tickets and join us at Design-2-Part on March 13-14. We can’t wait to see you!


Adam Lee joins the MultiSource operations management team

MultiSource team

Adam Lee joined MultiSource Manufacturing this week as the General Manager for our Fridley, MN location.  Adam will report to Ken Kucik, VP of Operations.

Adam has experience in manufacturing at several locations, including as a manager at Best Source Electronics where he helped increase On Time Delivery and trained all employees on Lean processes and participation in Kaizen events. He also has experience in Continuous Improvement, scrap reduction, and cross-training of employees. Adam has a BA from the University of Minnesota, an MBA from St. Thomas, a certification in Project Management, and is a Six-Sigma Green Belt. He also served our country in the Army in the Middle East in officer roles.

Alissa Garcia joins the MultiSource sales team

MultiSource Team

Alissa has joined our team as Sales Manager for Industrial products and will report to Brent Fischmann, VP of Sales & Marketing.  Working from our locations in the Metro Minneapolis area, she will work with existing and potential customers to build relationships for future growth opportunities for the company. Previously, Alissa worked at Wurth Industries as a Key Account Manager and at Dichtomatik Americas in several roles including senior materials planner, inside sales manager, and industrial distribution business unit manager. She has her undergrad degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters in Leadership and Management from Concordia.

Upholding Excellence with the MPMA for Custom Manufacturing

Since 1998, MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC has grown in size, capabilities, and skill. Today, we offer contract manufacturing expertise with comprehensive in-house production including design, machining, and assembly. Our facility locations span across Minnesota, offering quality contract manufacturing services from precision machining to plastic fabrication for a wide range of industries. As a member of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA), you can always expect the best customer care and service for custom manufacturing in Minnesota when you choose to work with MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC.


Since 1955, the MPMA has supported machining companies and promoted innovation in the field and served as the leading voice for quality and reliability in precision machining. As a member of the MPMA, the MultiSource network is held to high standards for precision machining as well as all other components of our design, production, and assembly process.


MultiSource Innovation

As a custom manufacturer, we’re committed to meeting your needs with any unique project you bring to our doors. Big or small, simple or complex, the MultiSource network is ready to take on new challenges every day. With an innovative MultiSource approach to the design and engineering process and state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, machinists, and technicians can quickly get your project underway. Select parts and fully-assembled equipment is manufactured with reliable quality and speed offering easily-integrated end results, all accomplished with continued communication between you and our staff.


MultiSource Quality

With every step of the manufacturing process for a custom product, MultiSource places a strong emphasis on continued quality. We believe that without quality assurance throughout the design, production, and assembly process, we wouldn’t be able to provide a truly comprehensive custom manufacturing experience that goes above and beyond customer specifications with long-lasting reliability and smooth integration into customer systems. Throughout the MultiSource network, quality control is essential. With our principles for custom manufacturing and precision machining, you can always expect quality and reliability every step of the way.

Finding Quality Custom Manufacturing

To learn more about the support and vocal leadership the MPMA provides to precision machining companies, schools, colleges, universities, financial affiliates, and more, explore their website or contact them online.


For more information about MultiSource’s services and the industries we serve with custom manufacturing, contact us at (952) 456-5500, request more information, or request a quote.





Kevin Menard joins the MultiSource operations management team.

Kevin Menard joined MultiSource Manufacturing this week as the General Manager for our Boulder location. Kevin will report to Ken Kucik, VP of Operations.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from University of New Haven. He has worked in various manufacturing companies in Connecticut, Great Britain, and Colorado in a variety of roles including Process Engineering, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Production Management. Most recently he served as both a Senior Manufacturing Engineer and as the Manufacturing Operations Manager at Surefire Medical Inc., a medical device manufacturer in the Boulder area.

When he’s not working, you can find Kevin spending time with his family or playing or coaching hockey.

Learn more about our Boulder location and capabilities today!


Featuring Forpak’s Innovative Food Packaging Equipment at the 2018 Anuga FoodTec in Cologne

hamburger machine

The team at MultiSource is excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the 2018 Anuga FoodTec exposition in Cologne, Germany on March 20-23! The Anuga FoodTec expo is one of the largest global trade fairs and the leading exhibition event for the food and drink industry. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is sending Forpak, our innovative branch specializing in manufacturing food packaging equipment, to exhibit our newest engineering and design advancements.

Forpak equipment is exceptional for reducing labor, automating the stacking process, and reducing repetitive motion and human contact. This means lower costs, less contamination, and more presentable product for downstream packaging equipment.

Forpak will exhibit our latest innovations in food stacking and automated food packaging at this year’s Anuga FoodTec expo alongside hundreds of other leading companies serving the food and drink industry around the world.

Forpak Exhibition

The MultiSource network and Forpak have worked to continue developing and improving the efficiency and accuracy of our food packing systems. Our line of Stacker GSS models are designed and built in-house for a wide range of food packaging including meat, baked goods, and pizza products.

The newest Forpak design, the GSS5-4 Stacker model, will be our featured item at the 2018 Anuga FoodTec expo. Visitors and potential partners can find a comprehensive display of the GSS5-4 at the Forpak booth and learn about its automated food stacking capabilities. You’ll be able to experience the advanced GSS5-4 system properties, including an Allen-Bradley touch screen control system, Intralox modular belting, NEMA 4x Watershed Enclosures, and CE compliancy.

Forpak will be exhibiting in Hall 08.1 at Stand: C051. You can check out the exhibition hall plans to locate us on the Anuga FoodTec expo map.

The 2018 Anuga FoodTec is hosted at the Cologne Trade Fair exhibition center (Koelnmesse GmbH), one of the largest trade fair halls in the world. You can purchase tickets to attend one of the most important food and drink industry trade fair exhibitions of the year, and make your own plans to see some of the greatest advancements in food solutions from across the globe.

You can also learn more about visiting Europe’s vibrant business region of Cologne and plan your trip to the Anuga FoodTec exposition today. To find out more about the MultiSource network and Forpak’s work in developing and manufacturing high-quality food packaging equipment, please request more information, or request a quote.

Producing Components for Internal Medicine Through Precision Machining

The medical devices that keep patients healthy and safe across the globe are made possible with the precision parts and components manufactured in advanced facilities. Because these parts play such a vital role in supporting effective medical care, they must meet strict regulations for material quality, production precision, and design integrity. At MultiSource, our network spanning from Minnesota to Colorado produces high-quality medical device components with expert precision machining.

For over 30 years MultiSource has manufactured medical device components which meet stringent industry standards for hospital-grade safety while maintaining long-term part quality. Our full-scale production capabilities allow us to manage the production of medical device components from beginning to end including prototype design, precision machining, assembly, and quality inspection. MultiSource is proud to be partnered with industry-leading OEMs such as Medtronic, Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, ACIST Medical, Abaxis, and many others.

Our experience in machining components for internal medical devices includes the production of the following:

Surgical Equipment & Instrumentation: The equipment and tools surgeons use on a daily basis need to be precise and durable.  We utilize state of the art CAM/CAD programs to aid in the process and create repeatable, robust production programs. We then put the instrument through a series of material removing processes including milling, turning and grinding/filing. Once the instrument is finished we put it through a chemical treatment to clean it and provide protection against corrosion. Finally, the instrument is fixed and polished. Each instrument is put through our rigorous quality management system which includes the use of Zeiss CMMs and vision systems to ensure it meets exact requirements.

Fracture Fixation: Orthopedic medicine relies on fracture fixation treatments for successful bone healing throughout the body. Fracture fixation and bone setting uses internal implant components such as pins, splints, and plates to fully repair bone damage. Our precision machining services allow us to produce the implants and surgical devices used in fracture fixation that meet the exact tolerances required. We pride ourselves on a commitment to quality, and our locations serving medical OEMs are independently certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 standards.

Surgical Navigation: Surgical navigation equipment has allowed for unprecedented accuracy and access for surgical procedures. This equipment allows surgeons to track and manipulate instruments without being able to actually see them. Using our precision machining expertise, we manufacture components for surgical navigation equipment with unparalleled accuracy. Failure of any component in surgical navigation equipment can have severe consequences. We utilize advanced CNC technology partnered with quality inspection equipment to ensure precision and longevity in all of our components.

Our precision machining capabilities and experience allow us to produce a variety of parts for the medical industry to meet the stringent tolerances and regulatory standards required. For more information about the MultiSource network, or to learn about our precision machining capabilities for the medical device industry, submit a quote or information request today.

MultiSource Achieves Newest ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and AS9100:2016 Quality Certifications

MultiSource is proud to announce our certification renewals to the newest ISO and AS standards.

ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard and helps organizations to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.  ISO 13485 sets the quality expectations of the medical device industry while AS 9100 is the critical quality standard required to support our global aerospace customers.  As part of the certification process, MultiSource engaged in a rigorous audit of our business processes as well as our product quality environments.

Leading our industry, MulitSource has successfully completed the transition to the current revisions of all key standards nearly a year before the deadline to do so.

“At MultiSource, we are deeply committed to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Quality is embedded in our company’s culture – at each of our facilities and at every level of our organization, MultiSource expects, demands, and delivers exceptional quality,” stated CEO Mike Schuffenhauer.

For more information on our Quality Management System, our current certifications or to contact our team, please visit our website at