Making Medical Implants Safer and Stronger with Precision Machining

With medical devices and manual tools developing every day, the medical manufacturing industry must grow to match these advancements in order to provide hospitals and clinics with safe, high quality, FDA-approved products. The medical production services MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC provides follow strict standards of design, fabrication, assembly, and integration for all our components and complete products. Our team of skilled engineers, technicians, machinists, and assemblers understands that any lapse in procedure or any failure to inspect a part may change a life-or-death situation for the worse. When you work with the precision machining experts at MultiSource for medical manufacturing, you can always expect a reliable, high-quality product that promotes safer medical treatments and operations.

We provide a wide range of medical device and medical tool production, including implantable devices. Implants are one of the most utilized components and one of the most dangerous to the patient if failure occurs, thus they require the most exacting attention during the production process.

MultiSource is committed to providing reliability and quality when it comes to all our products, including implantable devices, and it’s an ongoing concern of ours that we continue to make safer and stronger implants.

Common Implants Made with Precision Machining

The number of implanted medical devices and components used across the U.S. increases as production capabilities and technology advance. Today, there are many commonly-used implants from electronic devices to metal supports. The most-used implants made with precision machining capabilities include:


  1. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) and pacemakers used to remedy cardiac arrhythmia
  2. Spinal fusion hardware, including artificial discs, rods, screws, and pins, to remedy spinal injuries and back problems
  3. Traumatic fracture repair hardware including screws, plates, rods, and pins to remedy a wide range of severe body trauma
  4. Hip replacements for patients with damaged joints, degenerative osteoarthritis, or severe bone and connective tissue damage
  5. Knee replacements for patients with knee cap injuries, general wear and tear issues, and severe knee damage


These implants can save lives, treat severe pain issues, and keep patients of all ages and conditions safe and healthy, but in order to successfully treat patients in need of an implant, those devices must be made with extreme precision, quality, and long-term reliability. The MultiSource network strives to uphold practices that provide the medical industry with the best and most-trusted medical implant manufacturing possible.

All our facilities are regularly updated, inspected, and controlled for continued production of parts with tolerances as low as +/-.0001” (+/- .0025mm), and our machining processes are certified for even the most difficult, complex medical device and implant manufacturing.

To learn more about our full services available to the medical industry, please request a quote or request more information about our precision machining services.

Benefits of Cross-functional Teams for High-Quality Design/Build Contract Manufacturing

There are many areas of industry that require highly specialized facilities, equipment, and skills. From medical devices to military equipment, the components and full assemblies made for industries that require such precision and accuracy have one characteristic in common. Each of the components made for these industries take human lives in its hands whenever it operates. For example, medical devices and tools support the safety and health of patients, and aerospace components keep people in the air and protected as they travel. MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC understands the importance of extreme precision and quality in contract manufacturing for all of these industries. With our cross-functional teams and a design/build approach to fabrication, we can provide industry-leading products with long-term integrity and reliability.

The MultiSource network provides precision-based custom manufacturing for the medical and aerospace industry, with a deep knowledge of how any given component can affect the lives of those it comes into contact with. Our team of hard-working engineers and technicians don’t take lightly the fact that our parts and assemblies must work at peak excellence for the long term. Because of this, we make use of a cross-functional team that allows the MultiSource network to work as a one-stop-shop design/build manufacturer.

Cross-functional Teams for Contract Manufacturing

Engineers: Our team of in-house engineers works one-on-one with our clients, taking their specifications or original design and creating a prototype or virtual design that meets those requirements. MultiSource engineers are skilled in structuring a schedule for the fabrication of any given component or full assembly. This includes design, production lead times, testing, quality control, and delivery.

Material Suppliers: Once our engineering team has a comprehensive design and schedule projected for complete, quality manufacturing, the next step is to find the right materials. Our engineering team is also key in determining what materials are best suited to any given component. MultiSource works with trusted suppliers for high-quality materials of all kinds, from the best stainless steels to exotic metal alloys.

Sub-Tier Suppliers: When production is complete, MultiSource works with NADCAP accredited sub-tier suppliers for aerospace manufacturing and select outside suppliers for certain parts utilized in medical device manufacturing. These process suppliers provide extensive materials testing to ensure components and other parts are highly reliable and well suited to your project.

Process Engineers: Our process engineering team provides in-depth knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of any given components. This knowledge allows our engineers to understand the limitations and tolerances of an assembly based on the structure of each component. Our process engineering is critical for predicting how a part will react to any stresses, expected or otherwise.

For aerospace and medical device production alike, every step of the fabrication process requires attention to detail, understanding of the materials involved, and state-of-the-art equipment. The cross-functional teams at MultiSource Manufacturing can provide this degree of excellence as a contract manufacturing provider. To learn more about our manufacturing services contact us at (952) 456-5500, request more information, or request a quote online.

Understanding Guidelines for Surgical Steel Used in Quality Medical Manufacturing

Among the many high-quality services MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC, provides with our network of facilities is the design and fabrication of medical device components. When it comes to manufacturing parts and components for medical devices, it’s critical to the health and safety of every patient across the world to establish extremely high standards for reliability, quality, and precision. MultiSource is dedicated to maintaining manufacturing practices that exceed standards for the medical device industry, including responsible materials-sourcing for all projects we take on. For many medical manufacturing projects, the parts and components require surgical-grade steel in order to fabricate the most reliable medical devices.


Surgical-grade steel is a nonspecific term for a variety of stainless steels used in the fabrication of many different tools, including most medical devices and other biomedical purposes.


Surgical Steel


The surgical steel utilized in most medical applications includes:


  1. Austenitic 316: This surgical steel is an alloy of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum that is highly resistant to corrosion and has adequate strength for medical devices and implants that are pressure-bearing. Alloys also used for pressure-bearing biomedical implants are typically titanium (Ti6Al4V, specifically), but the surgical steel 316 is also suitable, and it’s more economical than titanium.
  2. Martensitic 440 and 420: These steels are used for cutlery production, but they are also well suited for surgical-grade applications of the material. As high-carbon steels alloyed with chromium, 440 and 420 surgical-grade steels are very resistant to corrosion, though less so than 316. However, they are much harder than 316. Because they are harder than 316 but not as resistant to corrosion, 440 and 420 are often used to manufacture surgical implements and medical cutting tools.


The MultiSource network utilizes 316, 440, and 420 surgical-grade steels as well as a range of additional industry-approved and safely-sourced materials to fabricate many key components that go into a variety of medical devices. From surgical equipment to implantable devices, medical providers can rely on MultiSource to manufacture the highest quality parts and components that are the most reliable in the long term thanks to the materials used and the expertise of our fabricators.


Some of the more unusual and advanced medical manufacturing projects that we take on, like designing and producing parts for surgical navigation or ablation devices, benefit especially from our surgical-grade materials and our excellence in fabrication because of their unique complexities and relatively new introduction into medicine.


To learn more about our services in medical manufacturing or to partner with us, request more information or a quote online.

Creating Components for Drug Delivery Systems with Quality Medical Device Manufacturing

Whether you are an OEM or other fabricator of medical equipment, you understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and quality in the final product. Medical professionals and patients alike put their trust into tools and equipment that are manufactured in a separate place, by different people, often with standards and quality control that is not quickly identifiable. The reason hospitals, providers, and patients are able to put their trust into these external sources of equipment is because of the strict regulations the FDA, ISO, and other agencies place on manufacturer facilities and practices. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC goes above and beyond industry standards and regulations with our contract medical device manufacturing services.


As a manufacturer of custom medical device components, MultiSource is committed to maintaining up-to-date ISO standards as well as meeting our own high standards, while striving continually to expand and improve our practices and facilities. Our capabilities for fabricating parts and components for OEM medical devices range from surgical tools to implantable devices and beyond. One aspect of the medical device manufacturing we offer is for drug delivery system components.


Drug Delivery Systems

Because of the wide range of ways they are prescribed, drugs can be introduced to a patient in various ways. Drug delivery systems is a broad term for an extensive spectrum of devices and tools. Overall, the purpose of a drug delivery system is to perform targeted treatment of a controlled dosage dependent on the conditions of the patient. The components we fabricate are utilized in many types of drug delivery systems, including, among others:


  1. intravenous delivery systems
  2. anesthetic delivery devices
  3. infusion pumps
  4. intrauterine devices
  5. magnetic drug delivery
  6. inhalation systems
  7. digital medicine
  8. nasal spray devices
  9. catheterization devices
  10. emulsion vaccinations
  11. target-controlled infusion
  12. transdermal devices
  13. chemotherapy and radiation devices
  14. ultrasound drug delivery
  15. EpiPens and other auto-injectors
  16. nanoparticle drug delivery
  17. capsule and pill fabrication devices
  18. extended-release systems


Without access to the wide range of drug delivery systems available today, medical professionals would not be able to provide the treatments they do in order to daily promote health and save lives. MultiSource is dedicated to manufacturing components for drug delivery systems that meet exact specifications for form and function with key attentions to how a part will promote safe practices for medical devices of all kinds. Our own quality control standards meet the strictest stipulations for design, process, finishing, inspection, testing, packing, shipping, and traceability—all while we maintain open communication with our customers from start to finish.


To learn more about the components we fabricate for drug delivery systems and the quality control standards we meet with each stage of manufacturing, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500 today. For more information about our services in comprehensive medical device manufacturing and other fabrication capabilities, request more information or request a quote online.




MD&M West 2018 and MultiSource’s Support to the Medical Device Industry

The 2018 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Exposition is fast approaching its annual show in Anaheim, CA. From February 6th to 8th, thousands of medical technology suppliers from across the globe will come together in the largest medical device industry exposition in the country. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is proud to be sending some of our professionals to attend and join our industry-leading customers and partners. Our expertise in manufacturing components for the medical device industry includes almost 30 years of experience in providing full-service contract manufacturing support, from prototyping, fabrication, and assembly to inspection. Attending exhibitions such as the MD&M helps us connect with our customers and partners and stay at the forefront of technology.

MultiSource’s work in the medical device industry has continually provided quality parts and components with precision manufacturing, reaction to urgency, and full confidentiality.

The MD&M West expo connects companies across the world specializing in medical technology design, product manufacturing, market distribution, engineers, and medtech suppliers. Each year this exposition creates new partnerships, shows new technology, and serves to advance the state of today’s medical technology.

The MultiSource network consists of a variety of state-of-the-art facilities that contribute to the development of medical device technology and provide the following services:

  • Precision Machining: both horizontal and vertical, live turning, Swiss machining, and 4&5 axis
  • Assembly: both mechanical and electromechanical assembly
  • Design: CAD/CAM design, 3D printing and comprehensive prototype CNC milling, and predictive engineering
  • Plastic Fabrication: bending, forming, welding, and testing
  • Finishing: bead blasting, anodizing, heat treatment, honing, assembly, grinding, plating, and more

Not only does our work in the medical device industry offer quality, dependability, and high skill in the production of parts down to tolerances of +/-.0001” (+/-.0025mm), the MultiSource network also supports the necessary regulatory demands of medical components. We adhere strongly to the values of ethics, confidentiality, quality control, and urgency so critical to the success of our global customers.

We attend the MD&M West expo with the goal to continue learning from others in the medical device industry and keep improving our own comprehensive work in the field.

Check out an event schedule for the Feb. 6-8 expo, and find out more about the exposition here.

As an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the field, you can put your trust in MultiSource Manufacturing LLC as a quality provider for medical device components. Submit a request for more information online, or request a quote online today.