Security and Accuracy in Financial Processing with High-Quality Credit Card Manufacturing

In today’s digital age, payment cards are the primary purchasing method worldwide. While this has revolutionized commercial transactions and put new meaning to the term “credit,” they have also created new security risks for buyers. To protect users from credit card related crimes, the financial processing industry continually develops improved card reader devices and software, and credit card manufacturing must keep up with the latest developments in security.


As a supplier of precision machined components designed for secure credit card manufacturing, MultiSource Manufacturing understands the importance of security, quality, and reliable solutions that can be easily integrated into the development of newer and better credit card systems.


The financial processing industry utilizes many different tools to support card data reading machines as a whole. The most secure of these devices are made with the highest quality precision machined parts. That’s where MultiSource comes in. Our team of engineers strive to continually design and machine precise parts involved in financial processing equipment, including the tools and production machines implemented in the credit card manufacturing industry.


Credit card manufacturing may seem straightforward when you look at those small plastic cards, but the production process demands some very specific operations that support security and accuracy. Some of the components we manufacture in the MultiSource network go into the production process of the most secure cards available.


These safer payment cards are made secure with the application of several steps in production. Typically, the security aspects of the average payment card include:


  1. Magnetic strip and EMV chip: All payment cards are embedded with a magnetic strip or, more recently, an EMV chip. The magnetic strip contains specifically-arranged iron oxide particles that provide encoded information to the card reader. Today, most cards contain an EMV chip in addition to a magnetic strip. The EMV chip holds an integrated circuit that relays information to the card reader. Both the magnetic strip and the chip contain unique, exact information about the payment card, minimizing the chances of fraud.
  2. Card number: The payment card number is also a form of fraud protection. A number for each card is embossed or stamped onto the surface of the card, correlating to the information the magnetic strip and the chip contain. These numbers often range from 13 to 20 digits to make it almost impossible for criminal activity to generate a random number successfully.
  3. Signature strip: Finally, the signature strip is the last bastion of built-in protection for your card ownership. Once you sign the back of your card, nobody can remove that signature without removing the unique panel underneath the signature strip. If the panel is removed, a card reader can alert the card company to the possibility of fraud.


With the precision machining we provide OEMs and other customers in the credit card manufacturing industry, the MultiSource network is able to support the continued efforts to make payment cards more secure. To learn more about our services in financial processing and other industries, please request a quote, or request more information.