Benefits of Automated Interleaving with Downstream Food Production Equipment

Automated food packaging systems are a common and often necessary feature of production lines for a global food industry. Not only do they make fast and highly controlled food processing possible while eliminating the risk of human error, they also support a hygienic and safe food industry that gives communities worldwide access to nutritious and diverse food products year-round. Forpak specializes in innovative solutions for automated food production equipment. We offer intelligent systems for multiple automated operations that can be easily integrated into any existing downstream production line. Our designs include automated systems for stacking, sorting, laning, conveyors, transfers, and reject systems, and we also work with customers for unique, custom solutions built to fit their packaging line needs.

Food Production Equipment

Each of our equipment designs are outfitted with Allen Bradley touch screen controls contained in a NEMA 4X watershed enclosure that allows full washdown, Intralox modular belting, and variable speeds. For the pizza, meat, and bakery industries, our automated stackers, such as the GSII Stacker, are especially beneficial because they offer accurate, rapid stacking with options for interleaving cardboard or paper in between products.

Benefits of Food Production Equipment

Interleaving is an important step utilized in packaging different products. When automated food production equipment can provide quick interleaving and stack products, packaging facilities can optimize their operations and boost food industry standards.


With automated systems performing both the interleaving and stacking operations, production lines become more sanitary. Automated interleaving reduces the risk of contamination from workers interrupting the downstream flow and eliminates product-to-product contact.


For the consumer, interleaving between neatly stacked food products in a container is more attractive than a jumbled box of goods. Interleaving increases the presentation of packaged food items with minimal use of packing materials.

Benefits of Packaging Equipment

  • Cost: Because interleaving is a simple, low-material system of packaging food products, it reduces packing operation costs. Facilities that use interleaving spend less on plastics and other packaging materials, making per-unit profit greater.
  • Sustainability: Thanks to the lower material demand of interleaving, especially the use of paper product interleaving and other more biodegradable options, production lines become more sustainable. Lower plastic use and automated interleaving and stacking both lowers landfill waste and energy costs.
  • Safety: Any added automated operations will make a facility safer for employees. When workers don’t have to perform the repetitive motion of stacking products with interleaving materials, they have lower risk of workplace injury or fatigue.


Forpak’s innovative food production equipment and the simple addition of automated interleaving or stacking steps offers quantifiable benefits to any packaging facility. To learn more about our equipment and automated solutions, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or You can also request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.