Benefits of Kitting as a Value-Added Service for Precision Machined Parts

For over 20 years, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has produced precision-based parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers in a broad range of industries. As a contract manufacturer, MultiSource is an industry leader in producing complex parts with close tolerances that rely on our ability to fabricate with extreme precision. The industries we serve require perfection in all parts, and in many cases, that precision can directly impact the health and safety of workers, patients, and many other people. To produce high-precision machined parts, MultiSource utilizes an extensive network of state-of-the-art production floor equipment, including Swiss machining centers and 3-5 axis CNC lathes. Our CNC machines are operated by skilled technicians and engineers using intelligently guided software.

Precision Machined Parts

In addition to our ability to produce precision machined parts that meet exacting specifications, we also provide a host of value-added services, including finishing solutions such as tumbling and bead blasting, heat treating, plating, and assembly. We also provide services that support lean manufacturing and just-in-time (JIT) delivery practices.

Part of our support in JIT and lean manufacturing systems comes in the packaging and delivery process. For any parts, from single components to full assemblies, we offer warehouse and manufacturing kitting services that combine single components into packages with other related parts and create a new product with that pooling.

Benefits of Kitting Components

Customers receive several benefits from kitting components for the packing and shipping process, including:

  1. Inventory tracking: Kitting creates a new SKU (stock keeping unit) for the combination of multiple parts, making it easier to track a large number of components when ordering, shipping, and storing. Kits are processed as a single product, but they contain several parts. Tracking many small parts is made especially more organized by kitting them.
  2. Shipping efficiency: Just as inventory management is improved with kitting, so is the shipping process. When parts are organized into kits, those combined components can be packed with greater efficiency and shipped faster.
  3. Lower costs: Warehouse kitting saves the customer costs in multiple ways. Kits allow customers to order the exact amount needed, rather than spending extra on bulk qualities of single components to fulfill production needs. They also cost less in the packaging and shipping department as well as often taking up less warehouse space in storage.
  4. Quality products: All our components and full assemblies are subjected to a rigorous quality control inspection, including passing a test through Zeiss CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) and other vision systems. However, kitting can improve the quality of products assembled by clients at a separate facility. This is because kitted products ensure the delivery of every needed part for an accurate, precise assembly instead of relying on getting everything you need in bulk inventory.


For any components or assemblies organized into a kit, our clients can trust MultiSource for quality packaging, shipping, and overall fulfillment. To learn more about our precision machined parts and kits, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. You can also request more information, or request a quote online today.