Functional Factors of Integrated Circuit Packaging for Semiconductor Components

For more than 35 years, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC has worked to build semiconductor components and systems. Today, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers rely on the precision and quality of our certified semiconductor fabrication. Thanks to our multiple facilities, we are able to offer a complete semiconductor production line, including a Class 1000 clean room, in-house electric, PFA welding and fabrication, and reverse engineering processes. Our team of engineers and technicians is comprised of trusted industry leaders in the manufacturing of full semiconductor assemblies, including the design and build of complex, state-of-the-art packages that fit a broad range of functional applications. If you are in need of semiconductor components or fully packaged assemblies, you can rely on MultiSource for fabrication from the prototyping to the inspection process.

Manufacturing Materials

When it comes to packaging semiconductor components for long-term protection and control of external factors, we implement various materials into that enclosure. We are capable of manufacturing with polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA), and other thermoplastics that are key in integrated circuit packaging.

For all our integrated circuit packaging designs, we consider four functional factors that the semiconductor system will face in an operating setting. The design factors include:


Characteristics of the semiconductor and electrical requirements can be controlled through the packaging. Integrated circuit packages can help regulate resistance, capacitance, inductance, and other properties of the semiconductor components and surrounding electronics with specific designs. Packages can also eliminate the risk of parasitic elements that can damage semiconductor signals.


Packages must also be able to protect the semiconductor components from climate conditions outside the acceptable range. This includes protection from excess heat, moisture, dust, electromagnetics, and other elements. We design semiconductor packages to provide precise heat dissipation from the chip.


Physical stress will also be a factor for semiconductors in operation. Packages need to be able to protect the chip from mechanical factors like jolts, bends, vibrations, and resonance.


We work with carefully selected materials, precise clean room conditions, and high-powered technology to build semiconductor components. Our goal is to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. For all our packages, we choose the best quality polymers at a reasonable cost to our customers.

Integrated circuit packaging is a necessary part of a semiconductor assembly. The design, materials, and functionality of every package should be considered as important as the semiconductor components themselves.

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