Food Production Equipment Highlight: GSII Stackers

When it comes to supporting food safety worldwide, standardized sanitation practices in the production and packaging processes on an industrial level is key. The majority of frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods are distributed on a global scale. At Forpak, we manufacture unique automation solutions for food safety in packaging systems, including stackers, conveyors, transfers, reject detectors, sorters, laners, and custom designs for OEMs and other customers in the meat, bakery, and pizza industries. We work with trusted partners to source materials and parts, and our engineers and technicians are a skilled design/build team. Forpak is your one-stop-shop for the innovative design and manufacturing of food production equipment that can be easily integrated into new facilities or existing production lines.

Food Production Equipment

Each operation that goes into a food packaging production floor has its own specifications that can vary by product. Even within standard operations like laning, sorting, and stacking, the equipment needs to be fitted to product dimensions, weight, and more. Forpak is here to help clients working in food production fit in the exact extra step they need in their operations line.

One of the main kinds of food production equipment we design and build for clients is our stackers. The bakery, pizza, and meat industries all utilize packaging designs that often require multiple products to be stacked into one unit and transferred down the line.

Our GSII Servo Stackers are ideal for large products like pizza crusts, pita breads, and anything in between.

GSII Specs

  • GSII model stackers have touch-screen controls that allow technicians to specify stacking units through a graphics system.
  • The control system can handle multiple recipes with variable stacking and conveyor speeds.
  • Stacking uses servo-controlled actuators.
  • Stacks are transferred onto a continuously running Take Away Conveyor.
  • GSII stackers are designed to stack 80 pieces per minute in each lane.
  • Stackers have NEMA 4X Watershed Enclosures for full wash down capabilities.
  • Conveyors and other moving parts use Intralox modular belting.
  • Our stackers can handle products on 1-3 lanes.
  • GSII stackers come with cardboard feed options to automatically interleave cardboard separators between individual pieces.
  • All our products have CE compliance
  • GSII stackers run on 230/460 VAC with 3-phase power for long-term energy sustainability.
  • All our products meet NSF 3A Standards for the meat and poultry industry and the BISSC Standard for the bakery industry.
  • GSII stackers and all our products are built with food-grade stainless steel.
  • Stacked products can be manually packaged into boxes or moved downstream to other automated operations quickly, safely, and efficiently.

GSII stackers are one of many of our designs for automated food production equipment that support food safety in the global industry. To learn more about our products, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or Request more information online today or request a quote to get started with us today.

Finishing and Value-Added Services

At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, our primary goal is precision. Not only do we work to meet the needs of OEMs and other customers with precision in the components and full assemblies we manufacture, our production schedule and just-in-time delivery practices support precision-based lean manufacturing systems. We provide a broad range of manufacturing services to several industries, including those that require complex, high-functioning parts, such as the medical device and aerospace industries. To meet international certification standards and our own strict quality control requirements, our engineers and technicians follow very specific processes for precision results. When you partner with the MultiSource network for your fabrication needs, you benefit from our design/build services from prototyping to assembly, but you will also get the advantage of comprehensive finishing, plating, and other value-added services.

We utilize multiple value-added services for all the materials we manufacture with. From heat treating to painting, all our finishing services play a critical role in our fabrication precision and fully finished parts.

Types of Metals

MultiSource technicians work with many types of metal, including stainless, surgical, military, and basic grades of steel, sheet metals, titanium, magnesium, aluminum, brass, high nickel alloys, and exotic metals. These materials require a range of finishing techniques that protect parts from corrosion, scratching, and patina, improve durability, create certain cosmetic results, and much more.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added finishing services for metals include platings that allow us to alter parts for electrical or thermal conduction, protection from radiation, solderability, reduction of friction, hardness, corrosion resistance, IR reflectivity, and cosmetic specifications.

With our heat-treating services, we can finish metal parts to improve strength, hardness, ductility, durability, elasticity, and resistance. Our heat-treating services include annealing, tempering, case hardening, normalizing, and quenching.

We also work with non-metal materials for plastic fabrication, including various polymers, Teflon™, and exotics. A large part of plastic fabrication is the finishing work that needs to be performed for the integrity, strength, and cleanliness of a final part. This includes surface finishes like paint and other coatings, some heat treating, sanding, polishing, and more.

Paint and coating finishes are also highly effective for metal parts. Anti-rust paints and protective coatings significantly reduce corrosion and wear resistance. MultiSource technicians employ precise painting practices for even the most intricate, smallest components and for all oversized industrial parts. Our paints and other surface finishes are specialized, highly engineered materials that we apply with automated systems and skilled hand-painting when appropriate.

MultiSource’s value-added services are key stages for the majority of our production processes. To learn more about our additional finishing services and the industries we supply with precision-based components and full assemblies, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC today at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote online to get started with us.