Advancing Automation in the Food Industry

The world today has a very large population that has to eat daily. To accommodate this huge basic need, the food industry is large, with millions of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, markets, factories, warehouses, storage providers, transport systems, farms, and many other kinds of businesses and operations that make up food processing and getting food to consumers.

At Forpak, we play our own role in the food industry, supporting automated processing systems with custom, innovative solutions. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians builds unique automated systems for the meat, bakery, and pizza industries. Our designs are smart systems that reduce waste, speed up the production schedule, eliminate human contamination, and streamline the processing system overall. We fabricate automated equipment that has complete wash-down capabilities for the best food safety practices.

Our automated equipment for food processing and packaging includes stackers, laners, conveyors, counting systems, autotransfers, wrappers, sorters, and more. We also work with clients who have custom needs to build a system that can be easily integrated into existing facilities.

Automation in the food industry is a necessity, especially when today’s average consumer expects to find most food products readily all year round. The industry works in bulk for the majority of goods, whether they are fresh, frozen, refrigerated, or dry. Automation plays an important role in making the processing of such bulk of products faster, cleaner, and more precisely.

Forpak’s equipment allows customers to integrate improvements in their automation systems. With our food packaging technologies, customers can benefit from the following:

  1. Reduction of labor costs: Forpak equipment has recorded up to a 30%-50% reduction in labor costs in facilities of all sizes. Our automated food packaging equipment eliminates the need for human workers in many places along the production line, which saves money in labor costs and in production overall.
  2. Elimination of human contamination: Because our equipment removes the need for human workers in many places on the production line, Forpak packing systems eliminate many sources of human contamination. This supports the best food safety practices and completely improves production results.
  3. Increase of production speed and precision: With Forpak automated processing systems, you’ll see high increases in the speed of your production line with rapid autotransfers, sorters, stackers, and more. In addition to speed, precision is also improved so packing mistakes and other errors are avoided.
  4. Reduction of workers’ compensation claims: Forpak equipment significantly minimizes the need for the repetitive motion that notoriously leads to workers’ compensation claims. This does save labor costs, but more importantly, protects your workers and improves the quality of their work environment.

Our specialized designs help customers of all kinds in the food industry improve and advance their automation capabilities. To learn more about our equipment, contact Forpak at (612) 419-1948 or Request more information online today or request a quote  to get started with us today.