Introducing MultiSource Fast Track for Rapid Prototyping

MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is announcing the initiation of a new prototyping division, MultiSource Fast Track, that will provide OEMs and other customers with more streamlined and best quality prototyping and engineering capabilities. MultiSource Fast Track offers three tiers of rapid prototyping services; Fast Track, Fast Track Plus+, and Premier Production. Each tier is suited to specific project needs regarding lead times, technology, materials, and complexity, but all tiers offer precision-based value engineering and partnership with our expert engineers and technicians. The foundation of MultiSource Fast Track is the ideal of early supplier involvement with value engineering for effective prototyping.


In the MultiSource network, we believe that effective prototyping is the most important part of the manufacturing process. A quality prototype saves time, money, and stress. Because of the importance of effective prototyping, we established MultiSource Fast Track to address client specifications, schedule, and budget in a comprehensive system that offers three major benefits:


  1. Value Engineering: With all tiers of MultiSource Fast Track, our engineers work on the basis of “design for manufacturing” (DFM). Utilizing DFM practices to engineer a prototype ensures an effective and streamlined manufacturing process every time. For materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, multiple plastics, and many other metals, MultiSource engineers can provide value engineering strategies that guarantees quality results in manufacturing. No matter how complex or simple client needs are for prototypes of components and assemblies, value engineering and DFM are built into the prototyping process at all tiers of MultiSource Fast Track.


  1. Speed: Another primary benefit of MultiSource Fast Track is the speed of our engineers and technicians in the prototyping process. With lead times as fast as two weeks, MultiSource engineers can design an effective prototype with a range of materials from steel to plastics and with the manufacturing abilities of multiple machines. Rapid prototype results are critical for meeting early supplier involvement and value engineering goals as well as moving a project forward.


  1. Collaboration: Last but not least, this main benefit of our MultiSource Fast Track prototyping division is the direct collaboration with our team of skilled engineers and highly experienced technicians. Continued communication and partnership throughout a project are the most effective ways to get quality results. MultiSource Fast Track offers joint value analysis and value engineering with open sharing of information, ideas, process requirements, costs, and design. We want clients to trust in our team and enjoy collaboration in the MultiSource Fast Track process.


The MultiSource Fast Track prototyping division is our dedication to provide OEMs and other customers with rapid designs that give quality results in component and assembly fabrication. To learn more about the new MultiSource Fast Track program and about all our prototyping services, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. Request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.