Top Benefits of Laning Capabilities in Food Automation Equipment

In today’s food industry, there’s a vast quantity of products available worldwide, ranging from common produce like potatoes to complex processed foods and luxury goods. In order to accommodate the packaging and distribution of this wide array of products, the food packing industry has had to create innovative solutions for handling large-scale quantities of goods that need to be quickly and effectively packaged and transferred while meeting food safety standards. At Forpak, we’re dedicated to supporting food safety and quality food packaging with unique solutions for food automation equipment. From stackers and conveyors to sorters and laners, Forpak technology offers streamlined, fast, and cost-effective methods for handling food products in industrial facilities. Our products are easily integrated into existing food assembly equipment systems, and our preventative maintenance program helps customers maintain long-term quality in installed equipment.

When it comes to laning capabilities in a food packaging facility, Forpak laners are industry leading machines designed to offer increased automation unlike any other competing systems. The Forpak Laner has a small footprint but a big impact on the efficiency and safety of a plant. Capable of laning up to 100 pieces a minute per lane while meeting NSF 3A and BISSC standards, the Forpak Laner is a state-of-the-art food automation equipment design.

Customers that integrate a Forpak Laner into their facilities will save time, labor, and costs. Direct benefits of a Forpak Laner include:

  • ease of integration into even complex food assembly systems, including the ability to plug laners directly into automated set ups and unique assembly processes
  • brand new automation capabilities that no other laners can provide
    simplification of otherwise complicated sorting and laning stages of a processing schedule
  • full wash down capabilities with water-tight controls for complete sanitation
    ability to fit into a tight space while also increasing processing speeds
  • elimination of worker contact, allowing plants to improve COVID-19 protocol and protect workers from exposure while also decreasing potential human contamination of food products

Forpak Laners are small but mighty workhorses that have the ability to completely change and improve the way customers process foods to a smoother, faster, and safer system. Laners are built with 1-10 lanes, 7-gauge side rails, variable speeds, and high-quality, food-grade stainless steel.

Customers processing goods in the bakery or meat industries can install Forpak laners even in tight facilities with limited areas. This food assembly equipment addition will mark a new beginning of efficiency and safety in any packaging facility.

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Mechanical and Electromechanical Assembly for Medical Device Manufacturing


The medical device industry is demanding and complex, with many restrictions and high-standard requirements. This is, of course, because of the effects that devices can have on patients’ lives. Failure is not an option! To meet the rigorous expectations of the medical device industry, MultiSource Manufacturing LLC follows precision-based and customer-focused practices with our multiple design/build facilities. With over 20 years of experience providing high-quality contract manufacturing for several industries, including medical device manufacturing, our engineers and technicians continue to exceed standards for device design and fabrication.

A major component of medical device manufacturing is the productions of parts that go into mechanical and electromechanical assemblies. Not only do many internal devices rely on intricate electromechanical systems, but also a majority of all common devices in hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers function with electromechanical and mechanical assemblies.

In addition to having a significant place in patient treatment, electromechanical and mechanical assemblies are a requirement in modern pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. Any time a medication is taken, a doctor’s visit is scheduled, an emergency or at-home treatment is undergone, or medical tests are done, the manufacturing of electromechanical and mechanical medical device components took part.

MultiSource engineers and technicians have extensive experience and training in the prototyping, fabrication, assembly, finishing, and testing of complete medical devices that incorporate electromechanical and mechanical systems. We grow every day to meet customer needs, and we currently manufacture a broad range of devices and components, including surgical equipment, drug delivery systems, internal navigation, implantable devices, fibrillation and heart valving, catheterization, and more.

Utilizing electromechanical systems in medical devices is beneficial for increasing control of the device action, supporting sustainable energy usage, producing cosmetically clean and in-practice sanitary equipment, creating compact yet powerful tools, reducing costs, and meeting FDA, USDA, and many other medical standards. Both mechanical and electromechanical assemblies allow fabricators to make real advancements in the medical device manufacturing field and offer better options and innovative treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.

At MultiSource Manufacturing, we are committed to adding our own expertise, history, facilities, equipment, and skilled team to the support of quality, trusted medical device manufacturing. To learn more about our services for the medical as well as other industries, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500. You can also request more information, or request a quote to get started with us today.

The Use of Autotransfers in a Food Packaging Equipment Facility

In a factory setting, the most important parts of the entire facility are the equipment systems that sort and transfer rapidly moving loads of products while keeping them organized. When it comes to factories in the food packaging industry, the precision of sanitary, food-grade conveying and sorting systems is critical for meeting USDA and FDA standards as a facility. Not only must food-grade equipment be capable of handling thousands of products daily, it also needs to be capable of handling frequent washdown sanitations and meet OSHA standards. At MultiSource Manufacturing LLC, our Forpak branch has been working for more than 30 years to provide custom, innovative solutions for industrial food packaging equipment in a factory setting.

Forpak works with OEMs and other customers to determine their needs and design a unique food packaging equipment solution that can be easily integrated into existing facilities while limiting production downtime to a minimum. We fabricate food packaging equipment designs for conveying, stacking, sorting, laning, and transferring products for the bakery, meat, and pizza industry. Auto transfers are one of our many important innovative systems. Although an auto transfer might seem simple, these systems are a critical component in maintaining a rapid, streamlined production line without back-ups and jumbled goods.

What do they do?

Forpak’s auto transfers are designed to place stacks of food products into flights of flow wrappers. Their conveyor feeds select stacks at an ideal rate to maintain nonstop movement on the production line. Our Autotransfer, for example, can direct 60 transfers with 2 stacks per flight each minute. It can also be set to transfer 80 sets per minute with 1 stack on each flight. This means you can move up to 57,600 or 38,400 stacks in an ideal eight-hour production day. Forpak auto transfers eliminate human error in the flow wrapper and are hailed as industry leading inserters.

Why Forpak?

There are benefits to using our quality Autotransfer on your production line, but choosing Forpak means you’ll have the support of our preventative maintenance program and our engineer’s services in adjusting parts to integrate a new installation into your exact facilities. With Forpak, the merging process of a new Autotransfer system into your current production line is a stress free, seamless process. Once your Autotransfer is integrated you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art designs including stainless-steel construction, full washdown capability, and interconnection to any flow wrapper. Forpak Autotransfers have built-in flexibility in addition to top-grade features such as NEMA 4X enclosures, Allen Bradley controls, and CE compliance. All our designs meet NSF 3A Standards and BISSC Standards for baking.

Boost Your Production with Forpak’s Food Packaging Equipment

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