Creating Components for Drug Delivery Systems with Quality Medical Device Manufacturing

Whether you are an OEM or other fabricator of medical equipment, you understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and quality in the final product. Medical professionals and patients alike put their trust into tools and equipment that are manufactured in a separate place, by different people, often with standards and quality control that is not quickly identifiable. The reason hospitals, providers, and patients are able to put their trust into these external sources of equipment is because of the strict regulations the FDA, ISO, and other agencies place on manufacturer facilities and practices. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC goes above and beyond industry standards and regulations with our contract medical device manufacturing services.


As a manufacturer of custom medical device components, MultiSource is committed to maintaining up-to-date ISO standards as well as meeting our own high standards, while striving continually to expand and improve our practices and facilities. Our capabilities for fabricating parts and components for OEM medical devices range from surgical tools to implantable devices and beyond. One aspect of the medical device manufacturing we offer is for drug delivery system components.


Drug Delivery Systems

Because of the wide range of ways they are prescribed, drugs can be introduced to a patient in various ways. Drug delivery systems is a broad term for an extensive spectrum of devices and tools. Overall, the purpose of a drug delivery system is to perform targeted treatment of a controlled dosage dependent on the conditions of the patient. The components we fabricate are utilized in many types of drug delivery systems, including, among others:


  1. intravenous delivery systems
  2. anesthetic delivery devices
  3. infusion pumps
  4. intrauterine devices
  5. magnetic drug delivery
  6. inhalation systems
  7. digital medicine
  8. nasal spray devices
  9. catheterization devices
  10. emulsion vaccinations
  11. target-controlled infusion
  12. transdermal devices
  13. chemotherapy and radiation devices
  14. ultrasound drug delivery
  15. EpiPens and other auto-injectors
  16. nanoparticle drug delivery
  17. capsule and pill fabrication devices
  18. extended-release systems


Without access to the wide range of drug delivery systems available today, medical professionals would not be able to provide the treatments they do in order to daily promote health and save lives. MultiSource is dedicated to manufacturing components for drug delivery systems that meet exact specifications for form and function with key attentions to how a part will promote safe practices for medical devices of all kinds. Our own quality control standards meet the strictest stipulations for design, process, finishing, inspection, testing, packing, shipping, and traceability—all while we maintain open communication with our customers from start to finish.


To learn more about the components we fabricate for drug delivery systems and the quality control standards we meet with each stage of manufacturing, contact MultiSource Manufacturing LLC at (952) 456-5500 today. For more information about our services in comprehensive medical device manufacturing and other fabrication capabilities, request more information or request a quote online.