Upholding Excellence with the MPMA for Custom Manufacturing

Since 1998, MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC has grown in size, capabilities, and skill. Today, we offer contract manufacturing expertise with comprehensive in-house production including design, machining, and assembly. Our facility locations span across Minnesota, offering quality contract manufacturing services from precision machining to plastic fabrication for a wide range of industries. As a member of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA), you can always expect the best customer care and service for custom manufacturing in Minnesota when you choose to work with MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC.


Since 1955, the MPMA has supported machining companies and promoted innovation in the field and served as the leading voice for quality and reliability in precision machining. As a member of the MPMA, the MultiSource network is held to high standards for precision machining as well as all other components of our design, production, and assembly process.


MultiSource Innovation

As a custom manufacturer, we’re committed to meeting your needs with any unique project you bring to our doors. Big or small, simple or complex, the MultiSource network is ready to take on new challenges every day. With an innovative MultiSource approach to the design and engineering process and state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, machinists, and technicians can quickly get your project underway. Select parts and fully-assembled equipment is manufactured with reliable quality and speed offering easily-integrated end results, all accomplished with continued communication between you and our staff.


MultiSource Quality

With every step of the manufacturing process for a custom product, MultiSource places a strong emphasis on continued quality. We believe that without quality assurance throughout the design, production, and assembly process, we wouldn’t be able to provide a truly comprehensive custom manufacturing experience that goes above and beyond customer specifications with long-lasting reliability and smooth integration into customer systems. Throughout the MultiSource network, quality control is essential. With our principles for custom manufacturing and precision machining, you can always expect quality and reliability every step of the way.

Finding Quality Custom Manufacturing

To learn more about the support and vocal leadership the MPMA provides to precision machining companies, schools, colleges, universities, financial affiliates, and more, explore their website or contact them online.


For more information about MultiSource’s services and the industries we serve with custom manufacturing, contact us at (952) 456-5500, request more information, or request a quote.




Work with MultiSource to Reduce Cost & Lead Time with Best Practice Design

Design Tip #1 – Key Features & Tolerances – Watch the Corners!

Reducing time to market in new product development is a top priority for all our customers.  Working together to make best practice decisions on key feature tolerances in the prototype phase will enhance manufacturability and dramatically reduce machining time and cost.

Common issues that drive cost in machining include sharp corners and/or small inside corner radii.

Why is this problematic?  A tight, small corner radius (e.g. 0.005) will require EDM machining rather than conventional CNC milling.  Providing a larger inside radius (0.032+), when applicable, allows a continuous mill path which significantly reduces cycle time.

Square corners also add additional process steps and machining operations, driving cost and lead time.

For inside corners, plan to use radii 10% or larger than depth of cut, (i.e., .060” radii should not machine deeper than .600” etc.)   Providing this tolerance “relief” in a design will allow a machining partner to use multiple available milling work cells and speed machining operations through the shop.



Watch our Blog for more “Best Practice Design” suggestions.

MultiSource can provide prototype components in multiple materials:

  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium
  • Plastics including Delrin, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Acetal, PEEK, Polycarbonate & Ultem

MultiSource partners with our customers beyond prototype development, to support production launch and life of project production requirements.   We have the scale to succeed in the most demanding production environments while maintaining the customer focus to provide individual support.  Ask us to show you how machined prototypes will reduce your development time and costs.