MD&M West 2018 and MultiSource’s Support to the Medical Device Industry

The 2018 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Exposition is fast approaching its annual show in Anaheim, CA. From February 6th to 8th, thousands of medical technology suppliers from across the globe will come together in the largest medical device industry exposition in the country. MultiSource Manufacturing LLC is proud to be sending some of our professionals to attend and join our industry-leading customers and partners. Our expertise in manufacturing components for the medical device industry includes almost 30 years of experience in providing full-service contract manufacturing support, from prototyping, fabrication, and assembly to inspection. Attending exhibitions such as the MD&M helps us connect with our customers and partners and stay at the forefront of technology.

MultiSource’s work in the medical device industry has continually provided quality parts and components with precision manufacturing, reaction to urgency, and full confidentiality.

The MD&M West expo connects companies across the world specializing in medical technology design, product manufacturing, market distribution, engineers, and medtech suppliers. Each year this exposition creates new partnerships, shows new technology, and serves to advance the state of today’s medical technology.

The MultiSource network consists of a variety of state-of-the-art facilities that contribute to the development of medical device technology and provide the following services:

  • Precision Machining: both horizontal and vertical, live turning, Swiss machining, and 4&5 axis
  • Assembly: both mechanical and electromechanical assembly
  • Design: CAD/CAM design, 3D printing and comprehensive prototype CNC milling, and predictive engineering
  • Plastic Fabrication: bending, forming, welding, and testing
  • Finishing: bead blasting, anodizing, heat treatment, honing, assembly, grinding, plating, and more

Not only does our work in the medical device industry offer quality, dependability, and high skill in the production of parts down to tolerances of +/-.0001” (+/-.0025mm), the MultiSource network also supports the necessary regulatory demands of medical components. We adhere strongly to the values of ethics, confidentiality, quality control, and urgency so critical to the success of our global customers.

We attend the MD&M West expo with the goal to continue learning from others in the medical device industry and keep improving our own comprehensive work in the field.

Check out an event schedule for the Feb. 6-8 expo, and find out more about the exposition here.

As an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the field, you can put your trust in MultiSource Manufacturing LLC as a quality provider for medical device components. Submit a request for more information online, or request a quote online today.


Producing Components for Internal Medicine Through Precision Machining

The medical devices that keep patients healthy and safe across the globe are made possible with the precision parts and components manufactured in advanced facilities. Because these parts play such a vital role in supporting effective medical care, they must meet strict regulations for material quality, production precision, and design integrity. At MultiSource, our network spanning from Minnesota to Colorado produces high-quality medical device components with expert precision machining.

For over 30 years MultiSource has manufactured medical device components which meet stringent industry standards for hospital-grade safety while maintaining long-term part quality. Our full-scale production capabilities allow us to manage the production of medical device components from beginning to end including prototype design, precision machining, assembly, and quality inspection. MultiSource is proud to be partnered with industry-leading OEMs such as Medtronic, Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, ACIST Medical, Abaxis, and many others.

Our experience in machining components for internal medical devices includes the production of the following:

Surgical Equipment & Instrumentation: The equipment and tools surgeons use on a daily basis need to be precise and durable.  We utilize state of the art CAM/CAD programs to aid in the process and create repeatable, robust production programs. We then put the instrument through a series of material removing processes including milling, turning and grinding/filing. Once the instrument is finished we put it through a chemical treatment to clean it and provide protection against corrosion. Finally, the instrument is fixed and polished. Each instrument is put through our rigorous quality management system which includes the use of Zeiss CMMs and vision systems to ensure it meets exact requirements.

Fracture Fixation: Orthopedic medicine relies on fracture fixation treatments for successful bone healing throughout the body. Fracture fixation and bone setting uses internal implant components such as pins, splints, and plates to fully repair bone damage. Our precision machining services allow us to produce the implants and surgical devices used in fracture fixation that meet the exact tolerances required. We pride ourselves on a commitment to quality, and our locations serving medical OEMs are independently certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 standards.

Surgical Navigation: Surgical navigation equipment has allowed for unprecedented accuracy and access for surgical procedures. This equipment allows surgeons to track and manipulate instruments without being able to actually see them. Using our precision machining expertise, we manufacture components for surgical navigation equipment with unparalleled accuracy. Failure of any component in surgical navigation equipment can have severe consequences. We utilize advanced CNC technology partnered with quality inspection equipment to ensure precision and longevity in all of our components.

Our precision machining capabilities and experience allow us to produce a variety of parts for the medical industry to meet the stringent tolerances and regulatory standards required. For more information about the MultiSource network, or to learn about our precision machining capabilities for the medical device industry, submit a quote or information request today.