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MultiSource - Minnetonka

MultiSource–Minnetonka began operations under the name Shop Parts in 1972 as a precision machine job shop. Acquired by MultiSource in January of 1999, we provide close tolerance, high quality, precision machining with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Highly skilled personnel have an ownership pride that enables us to provide customers with quality parts at competitive prices that meet today’s challenging delivery schedules.

Products and Services

As a full service job shop, MultiSource–Minnetonka offers CNC milling up to 5 axis, CNC turning, and Swiss machining to meet your prototype and production requirements.  We also provide concurrent engineering services to ensure parts are always produced at the lowest possible cost. Our primary focus is on medium size production runs, generally <10,000 pieces. CNC machining programs are stored and available for future orders, allowing for quick turnaround when necessary.

The Minnetonka facility machines a wide range of materials, including titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and plastics.  We have a large inventory of materials in stock to meet your company’s urgent requirements.


MultiSource-Minnetonka produces precision parts for a wide range of high-technology industries and applications. We provide the high level of quality required in the financial processing, medical, electronics, and commercial manufacturing industries.


MultiSource–Minnetonka can serve all of your needs in our spacious 25,000 square foot production and administrative office facility.  We have ~40 non-union employees working two shifts.

Quality Policy and Registrations

We are deeply committed to compliance with requirements and to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.  Quality is embedded in our company’s culture – at each of our plants and at every level of our organization, MultiSource expects, demands, and delivers exceptional quality. 

We partner with our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process, including design, development, and qualification.  Our commitment to quality processes begins at the onset of every project when we include quality as a nonnegotiable requirement of every production run. 

MultiSource uses first-class inspection tools and technology.  And most importantly, our commitment to quality is backed by the knowledge and dedication of an experienced quality control staff.   Our demonstrated quality performance has enabled us to achieve “certified supplier” and “dock-to-stock” statuses with several of our customers.

Leadership Team

Kris Bearson
General Manager
(952) 456-5521
Dane Smith
Account Manager
(952) 456-5514
Mike Aspelin
Protoype Shop Manager
(952) 456-5518

Location Information

10300 Bren Road East
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Telephone: 952-933-5510
Fax: 952-933-6816

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Driving directions
from Minneapolis St.Paul International Airport to Minnetonka
1. Start out going northwest on Glumack Dr.
2. Turn slight left toward Parking.
3. Stay straight to go onto Glumack Dr.
4. Merge onto MN-5 W toward I-494/Bloomington.
5. Merge onto I-494 W/MN-5 W via the exit on the left.
6. Merge onto MN-100 N via EXIT 7A.
7. Merge onto MN-62 W.
8. Take the US-169 S exit.
9. Merge onto MN-62 W via the exit on the left.
10. Take the CR-61/Shady Oak Rd exit.
11. Turn right onto Shady Oak Rd.
12. Take the 1st right onto Red Circle Dr.
13. Keep right at the fork to continue on Red Circle Dr.
14. Red Circle Dr becomes Bren Rd E.
15. 10300 BREN RD E is on the left.