Medical Aerospace
& Defense
Semiconductor Financial
& Bakery
Other Industries Served


Location Information

11545 12th Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337

Telephone: (952) 882-6211
Fax: (952) 882-6232

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Driving directions
from Minneapolis St.Paul International Airport to Forpak
1. Start out going northwest on Glumack Dr.
2. Turn slight left toward Parking.
3. Stay straight to go onto Glumack Dr.
4. Merge onto MN-5 W toward I-494/Bloomington.
5. Merge onto I-494 W/MN-5 W via the exit on the left.
6. Take the MN-77 S exit, EXIT 2C.
7. Take the Lindau Ln/Killebrew Dr exit on the left.
8. Merge onto MN-77 S/Cedar Ave via the exit on the left.
9. Merge onto MN-13 S toward Shakopee.
10. Turn slight right onto Cliff Rd E.
11. Turn right onto 12th Ave S.
12. 11545 12TH AVE S is on the right.


Pat Goche
General Manager
952 882-6211
Dave Brownson 
Engineering Manager