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Financial Processing

For more than 40 years, MultiSource has machined parts used in financial processing.  In this industry, our role is to design, test, and manufacture machine components that support high-volume credit card issuance, secure credential issuance, and passport production.  Our strategic partnership with financial processing industry leaders allows us to play a vital role in the delivery of more than 75% of payment cards worldwide. 

MultiSource has been machining parts used in the financial processing industry for more than four decades, which means we are an experienced, trusted, and certified supplier in this arena.  Companies in the business of manufacturing all forms of identification cards, including credit cards, generally rely on machines to produce and stamp their cards – and at MultiSource, we design, machine, and assemble many of the machine parts used in this type of equipment.  From prototype to full-scale production and inspection, and including parts that range in size from tiny to oversized, we partner with our clients every step of the process.      

Capabilities & Services
At MultiSource, we are truly your strategic partner - we often work with our clients from the idea and design stages all the way through the production and quality inspection stages.  Through this partnership, we help optimize a component’s design, the specification requirements, and perhaps most importantly, its manufacturability. The result is a proven track record for “getting it right the first time”.