Equipment / Stackers GSS and GSSB Servo Stackers

All Forpak stackers are unique graphic touch screen-selectable servo stacking units that count and create vertical stacks of product.  The stacks, which are created and discharged from the Stacker onto a continuous-running Take Away Conveyor, can then be manually packed into boxes or trays, or fed downstream to automated packing equipment.

Stacker Model GSS, which stacks at a rate of 100 pieces per minute per lane, is ideal for stacking frozen meat patties and bakery products.


GSS    GSS Español

GSSB    GSSB Español

Stacker Model GSSB (Bypass Conveyor) offers the same functionality as Model GSS, but also features a Bypass Conveyor within the stacker. The bypass allows products that do not require stacking to pass through the stacker untouched. This model can easily convert between stacking and bypass conveying.


Flexibility by Design

Forpak Stackers are the industry’s only stackers with built-in flexibility to handle products of most sizes and shapes with minimal design changes.

A key component of Forpak’s Flexibility by Design is the Automated Interleaving (paper feed) option.  With this option – available on Models GSS and GSSB – paper is interleaved between individual product pieces, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention at this stage of the process.Maximum rate is 80 pieces per minute per lane.


Product Features

  • Allen-Bradley touch screen control
  • Multiple product recipe controls
  • Forpak stackers can be manufactured with 1 to 10 lanes
  • All stackers are built to last with stainless steel construction
  • Variable conveyor speeds is standard in Forpak stackers
  • Full wash down capability to simplify cleaning protocols
  • Servo controlled actuators for stack building motion


Product Specifications

  • NEMA 4X Watershed Enclosures
  • Intralox modular belting
  • CE compliancy is available

Power Requirements

  • 230/460 VAC 3 phase

Hygienic and Sanitary Design

  • NSF 3A Standard Requirements for Meat & Poultry
  • BISSC Standard for Baking

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