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Our modern state of the art CNC swiss machines are capable of machining diameters as small as .008” and as large as 1.250”. With live tooling accessible to all sides of the part, we are able to machine parts complete in one operation. Having the ability to complete the part in one operation allows MultiSource to increase precision and quality while reducing cost and lead time. All of our equipment is updated and kept on a strict yearly preventative maintenance schedule.

Location Quantity Equipment/Brand
Minnetonka 1 Hanwha ML26
Minnetonka 1 Tsugami BS19-III
Minnetonka 1 Tsugami BX12 LIII
Ramsey 2 Citizen B-12
Ramsey 1 Citizen L-20
Ramsey 2 Citizen L-20 (V) III
Ramsey 1 Tsugami BO 12B III
Ramsey 1 Tsugami BS 12
Ramsey 1 Tsugami BS 12-V
Ramsey 2 Tsugami BS 18
Ramsey 1 Tsugami BS 18 (B)
Ramsey 1 Tsugami BS 18 (B) III
Ramsey 2 Tsugami S206
Ramsey 1 Tsugami SS32