Automated Packaging Solutions on the Rise with the Help of Contract Manufacturing

We live in a rapidly changing world. Advances in technology change industries daily, and companies have to keep up to survive. At MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC we understand the importance of change and strive to improve our manufacturing systems every day and work to acquire up-and-coming companies that can offer a greater range of high-quality services to our customers. With our locations across Minnesota and Colorado, the MultiSource network is able to offer reliable, customizable contract manufacturing across the country.


In 2006, the MultiSource network acquired Forpak and have since innovated changes in food packaging, stacking, and handling, offering solutions from the ground up. This has made us an industry leader in designing and building automated packaging systems.


Designed and built in-house, Forpak’s custom automatic stacking equipment meets industry standards for hygiene and sanitization and limits human contact, and therefore, error. With the additional integration of Allen-Bradley controls and Cognex vision systems, our custom equipment features precision-based processing and data recording capabilities.


PR Newswire predicts a rise of food sorting machines value on the market, and growth forecasts like these show Forpak and the MultiSource network the importance of continuing to improve and develop stronger designs and smarter automated equipment for food packing.


With the quickly changing food packaging industry, Forpak solutions are meeting customer needs at a critical time when accuracy and production schedules can’t be compromised. Rockwell Automation outlines the benefits our automated packaging equipment offers in “Solutions in Action: Forpak.”


Forpak’s GSS, GSSB, and GSII stackers provide the efficiency, speed, precision, and automation the industry needs to streamline food sorting and packing. Our machines sort, stack, and pack at rates of 80-100 pieces per minute per lane, and with customizable lanes, conveyer belts, CE compliancy, autotransfers, and vision systems, our customers can find exactly what they need with Forpak.


Because of Forpak and the MultiSource network capabilities in design and fabrication, we can also provide innovative solutions for custom equipment tailored to our customers’ exact specifications and goals in food sorting and packing. From baked goods to meats, our automated sorting, stacking, and packing equipment provides solutions for the food industry.


To learn more about our stackers and other equipment, submit a request information or request a quote from Forpak. You can also learn about the MultiSource network and our complete services for contract manufacturing across the country. To get started,  request a quote from MultiSource or request more information about additional services in the MultiSource network.




Machined Prototypes Reduce Time to Market and Production Risk for New Product Development

As a full-service partner to leaders in the aerospace, medical device, and other high-precision industries, MultiSource offers a seamless transfer from prototype to the production floor. With dedicated 3D printing, multi-axis CNC milling and live turning capacity, MultiSource will generate production-ready components from your CAD files or prints in a matter of days or for more complex parts a few weeks.

All prototype parts are engineered and manufactured to be ready to move to production with complete machining programs and qualification processes. MultiSource can provide prototypes in the full range of materials and with all surface treatments required for your production.

The scope of our experience and the resources of our network of six locations give us the ability to support prototype CNC milling, but also special requirements for wire EDM and surface grinding. Prototype customers can leverage our resources to demonstrate desired production surface finishing at the prototype stage.

Prototype processing will yield production intent quality and support the rapid validation and qualification of new products. When speed to the market matters, we help you reduce the risk at production launch.
MultiSource can provide prototype components in multiple materials:

⦁ Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium
Plastics including Delrin, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Acetal, PEEK, Polycarbonate & Ultem

Response time is critical, and our focus is on supporting the most common part profiles. “Best fit” projects will be in the range of 20”W by 40”L.
MultiSource can achieve your demanding production tolerances for prototype components, achieving key dimension tolerances of +/- .002” or greater and hole diameter of r +/- .0002” or greater.

MultiSource partners with our customers beyond prototype development, to support production launch and life of project production requirements. We have the scale to succeed in the most demanding production environments while maintaining the customer focus to provide individual support. Submit a prototype inquiry and ask us to show you how machined prototypes will reduce your development time and costs today.


MultiSource Aerospace Offers Precision and Quality as a Contract Manufacturer in Ramsey, MN

jets in sky

For more than 40 years, MultiSource has machined and manufactured flight-critical components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries. The MultiSource Manufacturing, LLC network acquired Tru Machine in 2001 and MultiSource Aerospace in 2008. Together, these branches make up our MultiSource-Ramsey facility, a premium manufacturer of made-to-order precision machined components including cockpit instrumentation, airframe components and cargo handling systems. As a contract manufacturer, MultiSource strives to provide precision in production, excellence in customer care, and highest-quality service and support.

Because the components and assembled parts our MultiSource-Ramsey team fabricates are utilized in highly advanced fields where life-or-death situations are not out of the question, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. MultiSource-Ramsey is independently certified to quality assessment standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS910:2016.

MultiSource is a partner from prototype to production for our global customers.  Our engineers work one-on-one with clients to build a prototype that meets the customer’s specifications. All of our staff members are in continued, direct contact with our engineers to provide better design, better production, and better assembly. With multi-axis CNC milling, CNC turning with live tooling, and Swiss machining equipment, our facilities are outfitted to work with a wide range of materials including military-grade stainless steel, titanium, high nickel alloys and plastics.

As a part of the MultiSource network, our Ramsey location specializes in contract manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industries as well as the medical device industry.  Our customers have access to the full scope of capabilities in our six locations, and over 200 machining cells to support rapid program launch and growth.

With state-of-the-art CNC machines and advanced manufacturing equipment, a trusted and capable team, and a tried-and-true quality control system, MultiSource-Ramsey is proud to partner with leading OEMs in the aerospace and defense industries, including UTC Aerospace, Raytheon, and General Dynamics.

For reliability, experience, and unsurpassed quality, you can count on the MultiSource network. To learn more about our facilities and the services we provide as a contract manufacturer, please request more information, or request a quote.